Two things you should know about Interactive Video Communication…

1. You may be able to reach a lot more of your audience more effectively WITHOUT the web

2. CADE, the Communication And Distance Education system is the best way to do it

Find out why your training and communication initiatives may be missing the majority of your workforce.

Live Video vs. Web Based Training


As its name implies, Velocedge prides itself on the speed with which it is able to operate and the knowledge that allows it to effectively use that speed.  It has successfully designed and implemented satellite based, web supported, interactive distance learning systems for a wide variety of forward thinking companies. 


Our mission is to develop partnerships with geographically dispersed corporations through the creation, deployment, and support of effective interactive distance learning and communication systems to improve business. 

NOTE: As of July 2008 Velocedge, Inc. was acquired by Learn.Net.  Many of the subsequent pages will reflect the change.

Communication And Distance Education -CADE 

In support of this mission, Velocedge developed the Communication And Distance Education (CADE) software system and is pleased to offer the following products and services:

  • CADE Studio Control – Instructor/Presenter’s console
  • CADE Virtual Classroom – Remote site software
  • CADE eTutor - Web based, interactive training, conferencing, and meetings
  • CADE Learning Management Web – Web based Learning Management System
  • Implementation services for interactive distance learning and communication systems

Interactive Video Communication

CADE combines live satellite or streaming video delivery, audio/data interaction via the Internet, run-time support for SCORM compliant web based courses, and asynchronous learning tools with a web-based learning management system.

Classroom or Desktop

Interactive programming can be delivered via a wide variety of satellite, videoconferencing or streaming video technologies to a few individuals on personal computers, thousands of people in classrooms using wireless remote controls, or mix of both.   Several sources of media can be integrated into an interactive broadcast including: 

  • Live video of Presenters, Panels or Demonstrations 
  • Text Charts, Animation, Graphics 
  • Pre-produced Video Tape 
  • Close-up's of products, books, forms, or other three dimensional objects 
  • Music 
  • Any application that can be show on a Computer Screen 
An interactive distance learning instructor using the wide variety of media available

Extract and share the untapped knowledge that exists throughout every corporation!

Interactivity can turn any topic into an exciting, informative sessionParticipants are able to call the presenter or the presenter can call on the participant. Questions can be asked and responses given by the participant with a wireless response unit similar to a TV remote.  All information is stored in a web accessible database and can be retrieved at any time using a standard web browser for a wide variety of training, marketing, or corporate communication needs.  Interactive video communication can be used not only for training and education, but a wide variety of other business needs: 

  • Corporate communication where feedback is desirable
  • New product/process introduction
  • Meetings that don’t require expensive and time-consuming travel
  • Internal marketing surveys with immediate results
  • Improving the “touch” with remote locations
  • Vendor sponsored presentations
  • Inviting customers to local sites for special presentations
  • Provide a forum for your hidden "knowledge assets" to share their knowledge


A company may realize many benefits from interactive video communication, including such measurable results as:

  • Reduce time & cost to develop and deploy interactive communication sessions
  • Increase Personal interaction, participation, motivation, and involvement 
  • Tap into the unreached knowledge of your workforce
  • Provide participant accountability and tracking
  • Remove requirements for special computer skills 
  • Create an environment that encourages learning and understanding

Software Products

Velocedge provides industry proven software products that include:

  • CADE - Communication And Distance Education System

    Velocedge developed the Communication And Distance Education (CADE) system to deliver interactive distance training and corporate communication programs.  CADE facilitates audio, video, and data interaction between Instructor/Presenters and remote students using any multi-media PC connected to the internet.  CADE was designed to function with satellite delivery, teleconferencing, or streaming video to deliver the instructor/presenter's picture and sound to remote locations.

    Classroom or Desktop with One System

    CADE may be targeted at the interactive classroom environment, easily used as a desktop training application, or a mixture of both.  The interactive broadcast audience can be comprised of both classroom and desktop participants.


  • CADE Learning Management Web

    The CADE Learning Management Web manages the information contained in the CADE database and provides access to that data to authorized personnel through the internet using a standard web browser.

    The CADE Learning Management Web pages are personalized based on the user's role in the system, beginning with the main page that welcomes the participant, and customizes the display wherever appropriate.  The following types of  users are recognized by the system and depending who they are, the site will display only those functions appropriate for them.

    CADE Web Users Learning Management Web Functions
    • Students
    • Site Coordinators
    • Instructors
    • Administrators 
    • Supervisors
    • Course Developers
    • Learning Management Administrators 
    • Course Schedules, Descriptions
    • Messaging, Discussion Groups, Chat
    • Recording/Playing Audio from Topic Experts
    • Registration, On-Line Courses & Exams
    • Student Exam Results
    • Course Development
    • Download Course or Participant Materials
    • And much more...

Interactive Distance Learning Services

Velocedge also offers a number of services to implement and support interactive video communications and distance learning.

  • Interactive Instructional Design & Instructor Workshops

    Velocedge has trained hundreds of instructional designers and presenters to design, develop, and deliver the highest quality interactive courses possible.  Initial training is performed in highly interactive workshops.  Additional information on our workshops can be provided by clicking the title line.


  • Web-Based Application Development

    Velocedge designs and implements advanced web site support systems for its partners training networks.  These web enabled applications allow remote users to manage information about their site, their employees, generate reports or schedules on demand, and take web based training courses to supplement live, satellite delivery.


  • Interactive Broadcast System Design & Implementation

    Velocedge has unequaled experience broadcasting IDL courses over a wide variety of analog and digital satellites, different encoders, fiber feeds, videoconferencing systems, and land lines.    Velocedge uses this experience to evaluate, select, and implement the most appropriate system for its partners.  

    In addition to its own system, Velocedge has worked with extensively with Arel, OneTouch, and other providers to create interactivity between student and instructor.  Velocedge works with it partners to help define and implement the system that best fits their needs.


  • Network Management of Interactive Training Systems

    Velocedge provides technical support of the remote response systems.  It manages networks of remote computer networks, connected by LAN, WAN, or dial-up to the host computers.


  • Help Desk Support

    Velocedge provides front-line support for the users of the interactive distance learning systems it has helped to implement.  It is prepared to stand by its partner's selections and support the resulting system from technical support to operational and end user support.

Velocedge Advantage

The CADE system is based on an open architecture, standard Windows personal computer platform, taking full advantage of the incalculable investment the world is making in PC hardware, software, and internet tools.  As PC technology improves, so does the system's capability.  With the CADE software, you don't have to dedicate a computer to training alone.

The satellite industry is not accustomed to supporting remotely located, stand-alone, personal computers. PCs require additional attention to keep their software up to date and instruction on how to benefit from their additional advantages and applications.  Most business television suppliers are ill equipped to support a distributed computing system connected via a Local Area, Wide Area Networks, or particularly a dial-up network.  

Velocedge has an unique advantage over these providers who are now playing catch-up in the world of distributed computing networks and internet connected training systems.  It has an extensive background in not only interactive satellite systems, but extraordinary experience with the deployment and management of computer and communication systems.  It is unparalleled in its ability to combine interactive distance learning computer networks with business television to reduce cost, reduce delivery time, and increase learning effectiveness.  

Unique and agile in the interactive distance learning and communication marketplaceAs unique and agile as the corporate plane... (but, of course, considerably faster!...) Velocedge prides itself with its unique position in the highly computerized Interactive Distance Learning marketplace.  Velocedge thrives in the Internet age of software development.  Its unique approach to software development has not only created an exciting interactive communication system, but the tools necessary to allow it to remotely update, manage, and control this network of internet connected personal computers.  It can  upgrade software, transfer files, or reconfigure operations from a central location, totally transparent to the site personnel.  Additionally, it can take over the remote user's display, mouse, and keyboard to determine problems or to show inexperienced operators how to use the system.

Advantages Over Its Competition

The advantage Velocedge has over its competition's software products are numerous.  However, these can be summed up in a few simple bullets:

  • Better Functionality
  • Doesn't Require Special Hardware or Phone Lines
  • Much Easier to Install and Maintain
  • Easily Modified to Meet Individual Requirements
  • Superb Support
  • Is a Fraction of the Cost
  • Fantastic Company to Work With (ask any client!)

Is IDL for You?

Many companies are just beginning to explore IDL… others are seasoned veterans.  For companies who have a need to improve a workforce or a supplier base that is scattered all over the country, or all over the world, there is no higher quality, more cost effective way to do so than by using the Communication And Distance Education system.  Regardless of a company's level of experience with Interactive Distance Learning and Communication there is a tremendous amount to gain working with Velocedge!