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CADE Pay-Per-Use

Getting started building your own interactive satellite delivery network can be expensive and it is difficult to "test the water" to make sure your company can justify the time and expense.  To help overcome these barriers, Learn.Net is partnering with satellite providers and other organizations with existing satellite networks to provide CADE interactive communications and distance education on a pay-per-use basis.

An Application Service Provider (ASP) Model

Learn.Net will provide the CADE software, access to its databases, servers, and Learning Management Web to companies on a per student or per use basis.  A company can choose to use their existing satellite network, if they have one, or rent the satellite facilities and interactive delivery rooms of one of our partners.

More to Come

As this is a very new approach, and discussions are currently underway with many different partners.  Come back often, there is much more information to come.

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