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Pocket PC Support


Learn.Net has developed a series of applications that utilize the  growing number of Personal Data Assistant (PDA) and handheld computers to interface with CADE system.

Either Pocket PCs or Palm computers can be used as an alternative to the wireless remote controls to participate in an interactive course or presentation.  

Communication between the Pocket PCs and the CADE system is accommodated via a standard TCP/IP link.  This allows participants a choice when deciding how to connect to the Internet and ultimately the Virtual Classroom computer.

Menu Selection

Learn.Net has developed support for a PocketPC interface to the Communications And Distance Education system.  The software for the PocketPC includes the following applications, but will continually be updated.

An example of the PocketPC menu is displayed on the right.


Virtual Classroom Response Device

As the display shows, participants can load the Virtual Classroom helper software on their Pocket PC or Palm computer and use it to communicate with the instructor or presenter.  The display shows the course and lesson, a status bar, question, and potential answers.  As questions are asked by the instructor / presenter, they will be displayed on the Pocket PC screen.  To answer, the participants click the appropriate answer and then click the Answer button.  The correct answer will be displayed in the status bar once the question has been answered.  Buttons across the top of the display allow the participant to call the instructor / presenter, respond to signal requests, and chat with the instructor or other sites.

Virtual Classroom Chat

When the chat button is pressed, this screen will be displayed.  To chat, simply type in the top text box and press the Send button.  Both the participant's text and responses from either the instructor / presenter, other Pocket PCs, or sites will be displayed in the window below.



Off Line Testing

The off-line testing function will allow a student to download one or more tests to their PDA and take them at their leisure.  The program talks directly to the DataComm server via TCP/IP communication.

Tests are selected from a pull-down list and a window on the PDA display shows the tests that have been downloaded but not taken.  Another window shows the completed tests which have not been uploaded.  A student can review a completed test at any time before it is uploaded to the CADE Learning Management Web.

Tests, questions, and responses are stored on the PDA until they are uploaded.  They are maintained in a relational database structure, common to both the Palm and Pocket PC computers.



LMW Chat

You can use your PocketPC to chat with other participants on the Learning Management Web.  Other participants could be using a web browser anywhere on the internet and communicating with your PocketPC.




The PocketPC must be initially set up so it knows all the IP locations it will use in the system.   Once set up, the set up program will not have to be run again.  

Potential CADE Applications

  • Access Learning Management Web
  • Download/Upload Messages
  • Download course schedules
  • Download course catalog and descriptions
  • Download student materials and workbooks
  • Download and store course results/history
  • View “canned” video courses to media player
  • Order new CADE equipment
  • Other future applications


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