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Recorded Audio On-Air, At Home

If the instructor/presenter is out of time or too busy to speak with a participant during a broadcast, the participants have the option to digitally record a question and send it to the instructor or a subject matter expert (SME) to answer.  Whether live or pre-recorded, the participant can always ask a question and get a timely answer.

During A Broadcast

Questions can be monitored by any number of SMEs during a broadcast at a variety of different locations using a standard web browser.  Should an SME receive a question they think would be good for the viewing audience to hear during the broadcast, they can add their comments and send that question to the Studio Control console for the instructor to review.  If the instructor decides to play that audio on the air, they can send the participant's question to the CADE Audio Server to be uplinked with the broadcast.

Personal Home Page

If the SME decides to respond to the question directly, the participant's original question and the the SME's answer will appear in their personal home page the next time they log on to the CADE Learning Management Web.  The participant can review their question and then hear the answer.

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