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Advantages over Business Television

While Business Television (BTV) offers many benefits, CADE can extend the use and effectiveness of BTV.

BTV CADE Interactive BTV
  • BTV alone easy to ignore
  • Hard to ignore a presenter that can call you by name in front of thousands of viewers and peers
  • BTV the information is limited by the knowledge of the presenter
  • Call on experience of entire audience whose collective knowledge is often far greater than a single presenter
  • With BTV there is no record of any activity occurring
  • All responses in an interactive program are captured immediately and stored in a database. That information is available to any authorized person who can analyze and take action on that data
  • BTV information only flows one way. If participant doesn't understand there is no access for clarification, understanding
  • Interactive programs the participant can ask for clarification, a better explanation, or a host of other actions
  • BTV can be used for training, but it is a very passive and ineffective medium
  • Interactive courses is the most effective way to train, 25% more effective than even classroom
  • BTV can look like a commercial very quickly and requires a lot of expensive production content to retain the viewer's attention
  • No need for high level production content. Replaced with human interaction, mixture of inexpensive visual tools. Most important, the presenterís knowledge and ability to extract interaction from participants

Because of these advantages:

  • Participants will want to participate more
  • Managers will want to communicate with subordinates more
  • Marketers will want to use the network to gather information more quickly
  • Trainers will want to use the network to reduce travel, expenses, and improve training
  • Vendors will want to use (and pay for) the network to introduce new products

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