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CADE Competitive Advantage

CADE enjoys a unique advantage in the interactive distance learning and communication marketplace.  

CADE - No Hardware to Maintain

Our competitors have a large hardware component to their products, they have an inherent disadvantage when it comes to the high fixed cost of that hardware, its distribution, installation, maintenance, and support cost.  

Hardware is difficult and expensive to maintain.  It requires a physical transfer and installation to effect a change.  So change happens very slowly.  It is nearly impossible for them to take advantage of new technologies because they can't just simply upgrade their existing customer's products. 

These companies have an installed base of customers with old, expensive products that they must consider.  So when new products or new technology becomes available, their existing customer's products become more and more obsolete.

CADE - Designed to Meet Ever Changing Needs 

CADE does not have the problems of its competition.  It's a software product with none of the costs associated with the type of hardware its competition requires.  Our customers are always kept up to date with the latest software, their investment protected... always!

Our competitor's software is specifically written around their hardware so their software is constrained by their own hardware limitations. 

CADE is constructed differently.  Our product is primarily software and our development philosophy is based on the rapid integration of software objects and Internet technologies.  We are able to assimilate new functions, technologies, and ideas as quickly as they are needed.  It runs on your own PCs.  You decide when those PCs need replacing, load the latest version of CADE, and you're ready to go. 

CADE was designed from the ground up to evolve with ever changing market and customer needs.  Our installed base is kept current and our customer's investment protected to ensure the lowest possible life cycle costs.

Bottom Line

Why consider another product when CADE is:

  • Easiest to Install
  • Easiest to Use
  • Easiest to Support
  • Most Functional
  • Fraction of the Cost

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