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CADE Reporting

The Learning Management Web (LMW) provides a number of options for reporting the training and communication activity that has taken place through interactive satellite delivery, web based training, classroom instruction, or any of the on-demand features.

  1. Standard Reports
  2. Customized Reports
  3. Report Writer Access to the CADE database

Standard Reports

The LMW provides users with a number of standard reports.  These web based reports provide information on site and student attendance, course participation, course analysis, and many more aspects of training.

Customized Reports

In addition to the standard reports, the LMW provides users with the ability to define their own reports right from the web!  Users can choose from such search criteria as:

  • Sites, Regions, Job Codes, Departments, Employee IDs, First/Last Name
  • Courses, Lessons, Date Ranges

And then select the type of report to be generated:

  • Attendance
  • Site Participation
  • Registration
  • Assignment
  • Test Results
  • Completion

Criteria can be saved and reused for those reports that are desired frequently.

Report Writer Access to the CADE database

Learn.Net feels that the data in the database belongs to the client and they should be able to do anything they want with it.  Learn.Net will make the CADE database schema available to it's clients so they can use any 3rd party too to create their own reports.



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