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Wireless Response Devices

CADE utilizes wireless devices, similar to a TV remote, to interact with the instructor or presenter.  Participants can respond to questions or speak with the instructor using a built-in microphone.  This device can be used to:

  • TALK to the instructor/presenter with built-in mic
  • Answer true/false, yes/no, numeric, multiple choice questions
  • Call on the instructor/presenter
  • Cancel a call 
  • Provide an anonymous response
  • Record an audio question for a topic expert to answer

CADE's wireless remote controls offer a number of advantages over wired keypads or telephones.

  • Virtually no limit to the number of devices at a single site
  • No additional equipment to purchase when adding additional devices
  • Training Room doesn't have to be dedicated to interactive delivery
  • No special training room construction required
  • No need to secure wires to workstations, tables, and across floors
  • Study space isn't cluttered with unnecessary cables
  • Training may be easily moved to another room or location
  • Much less expensive than wired phones or keypads
  • No software license required
  • No maintenance fee charged

The remotes communicate with a small receiver, about the size of a cigarette pack, that connects to the serial or USB port of your personal computer.  The receiver is powered from the computer and needs no additional power outlet.  The range of these wireless devices is about 100 meters.

More Participants than Remotes?

With CADE's Virtual Classroom there is no need to turn away participants simply because there isn't enough response devices for everyone.  CADE can mix classrooms of participants with individual participants at a PC.  If there are more participants than there are response devices, some of the participants can just use the keyboard and mouse to interact with the presenter.


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