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Learning Management Web

The CADE Learning Management Web (LMW) provides each participant with their own personalized access to their training history and the ability to take web-based courses and exams to supplement the live eTutor sessions.

Participants are assigned a logon and password to access their own training information.  This training history includes such information as:

  • Attendance [sample]
  • Training History [sample]
  • Completion Information [sample]
  • Test Scores & Results [sample]
  • Registration Information
  • Assigned Training [sample]

In addition to their training history, the LMW provides access to:

  • eTutor Sessions
  • Registration
  • Web-based Courses
  • Web-based Tests
  • Course and eTutor Schedules
  • Course Catalogs and Detailed Course Information
  • Workbooks and Student Materials
  • Chat Sessions
  • Messaging
  • Discussion Groups


The LMW provides supervisory or administrative staff access to their employees training information.  Administrators can check the status of an individual's training, review results, and much more... all from the web.

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