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eTutor Desktop

The eTutor Desktop screen looks just like any other page in the CADE Learning Management Web.  It is simply accessed from a link in the Student Functions section of the main page.  eTutor sessions can be created to require registration or open to anyone that wants to participate.  Session participants can select from scheduled sessions or join ad-hoc sessions in progress.

eTutor Desktop - Command Buttons

  • Hand Up/Hand Down - Call on the facilitator an request a voice conversation
  • Signal - Respond to the facilitator and display a percentage on the facilitator's screen
  • Chat - Start a text messaging dialog with the instructor or other participants
  • Transfer - Send or retrieve files to and from a repository of session materials
  • Whiteboard - Open an interactive whiteboard for markup
  • Help - Get additional information on the screen's operation

eTutor Desktop - Display

  • Main Window - View slides, graphics, videos, animations, etc. from the eTutor Guide
  • Answer Questions - True/False, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Multiple selection, Text
  • Recorded Audio Questions, Audio Response, Audio Question & Response
  • See and hear the facilitator or other participants via the network
  • List and select all other participants in the session
  • Status window prompts for various actions to be performed
  • Markup graphic images on the interactive whiteboard
  • Countdown timer displays amount of time remaining in an activity

eTutor Desktop - Chat Window Display

  • Chat List - List of all the current chat sessions with other participants
  • Select Checkbox - Select/deselect chat participants
  • Delete - Delete selected chat participants

eTutor Desktop Showing Question Display


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