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eTutor Host - Facilitator's Screen

The eTutor Host is simply a link on the developer's section of the CADE Learning Management Web.  Clicking that link will allow the facilitator to select a course or lesson and begin presenting.  The graphic below is an example of the facilitator's screen.

The eTutor has many different facilities at their disposal:

eTutor Host - Command Buttons

  • Call/Hang Up - Call on a participant or answer a participant's call
  • Chat - Open a text messaging session with any or all participants
  • Peek - Take over the keyboard, mouse, and display of a participant's PC
  • Share - Share an application with the participants
  • Show/Hide - Toggle to show participant's responses to questions
  • Materials/Hide - Open window to course material storage
  • Whiteboard - Open an interactive whiteboard with optional web page background
  • Help - Get on-line help for the application

eTutor Host - Display Sections

  • Instructor's Guide - Electronic script, flow control,
  • Display - Display a question on the participant's screens
  • People List - List all the people in the session, optionally display their location
  • Site List - List all the participating sites and the people at those sites
  • Caller List - Display a calling queue of people calling in
  • Message List - Manage text messages from multiple participants
  • Video Window - Display video from a participant (not shown, below Site List)

eTutor Host - Session Control

  • Participant Selection - Show location and participant information
  • Select/Deselect Participants
  • Site Selection - Show all participants at that site
  • Signal - View and clear responses to ad-hoc questions
  • Delete selected messages
  • Turn On/Off Audio
  • Turn On/Off Video
  • Audio Self-test

eTutor Host - Chat Window Display

  • Chat List - List of all the current chat sessions with other participants
  • Select Checkbox - Select/deselect chat participants
  • Delete - Delete selected chat participants

Sample eTutor Host Display with Whiteboard


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