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eTutor Questions

During an eTutor session, the facilitator may issue a number of different types of questions for the participants to answer.  The facilitator has the option to show the responses to a question from all participants.  Below is an example of the question display in the eTutor Desktop. 

Each eTutor session may have an unlimited number of different types of questions.  The questions that can be asked include:

  • Yes/No or Yes/No/Undecided
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Selection
  • Numeric
  • Text or Essay 
  • Text Question with Audio Response
  • Audio Question with multiple choice response
  • Audio Question with Audio Response

In aviation training it is important to hear how participants respond.  Using the audio response the facilitator can listen each participant after the session and grade their responses accordingly.

Click this link for more information on Audio Questions and Responses.

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