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Active Directory Authentication & Database Update

To log on to the Learning Management Web (LMW) or participate in an interactive broadcast, employees must provide their personal identification and optionally a password, depending on the company's policies.  This identification information is typically validated against the CADE database for a match.  All employees must be in the CADE database to capture results for individual participants.

The CADE system can optionally communicate with Active Directory to authenticate employees via LDAP rather than using validation from the CADE database.  

Automatic Database Updates

If a user is successfully authenticated, CADE retrieves the individual's information from the database.  If the employee doesn't exist, the are automatically added to the database based on the information extracted from Active Directory.  If they are in the database, the key fields in Active Directory and the CADE database are compared.  If there are any differences, the CADE database is updated with the new information.

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