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CADE Virtual Classroom

For Students and Remote Participants

The CADE Virtual Classroom is the component that enables interactivity in an interactive satellite broadcast.  Programs are broadcast to many Virtual Classrooms simultaneously and enables a virtually unlimited number of  participants to receive and interact with the Presenter, Instructor, or Facilitator.  

The CADE Virtual Classroom provides the ability for people at remote locations to participate in interactive courses or presentations.  An interactive session may be delivered to a few people sitting at a PC, a few thousand people in a classroom setting, or a mix of both. The "interaction" can take many forms:

  • Speak with the facilitator via IP network
  • Listen to remote facilitator and participants 
  • Respond to yes/no, true/false, numeric, multiple choice, multiple selection questions
  • Respond to questions anonymously
  • Mark up an interactive whiteboard
  • Record audio questions for topic experts
  • Instant message the facilitator, groups of participants, or individuals
  • Send the facilitator text questions to be answered off-air
  • Share applications with other participants
  • Facilitator can control participant's display, keyboard, and mouse

Participants at a remote sites may view the course on a TV set or streaming video player and respond to the various questions, tests, and exams through a combination of hardware options:

  • PC alone, using the mouse and keyboard
  • Wireless Remote (like TV remote) with built-in Microphone
  • Personal Data Assistants (PDA) or Handheld PCs 

All interaction is timestamped, captured, and available on-line through the CADE Learning Management Web.  The CADE Virtual Classroom simply requires a multimedia personal computer running any version of Windows and a connection to the Internet.

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