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Web Based Authoring Tools

The CADE Learning Management Web (LMW) provides course developers a set of web forms to create and maintain course information and tests any where they have access to the network.  The various authoring functions allow developers to:

  • Course and Lesson Templates automatically generate new programs
  • Program "Dashboard" shows overall status
    • What has been done
    • What needs to be done
    • What the developer might think about doing
  • Search and select courses or lessons
  • Maintain Course and Lesson information (display sample fields)
  • Assign instructor(s), both internal and external personnel
  • Create tests and questions
    • Copy questions from other tests or library
    • Random selection of "n" number of questions from question set
  • Define Continuing Education Units and Certifications
  • Create certificates of Attendance and Completion
  • Establish prerequisites
  • Construct Electronic Instructor Guides
  • Store On-Demand video archives
  • Apply access restrictions
  • Import SCORM courses
  • Schedule courses
  • Listen and respond to audio questions
  • Archive and delete courses

The LMW provides authorized personnel the ability to modify individual field parameters so a company can specify which fields are required, min and max lengths for values, data types, etc. 


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