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Automatic Program Generation

With any e-Learning system, there is always the question of "How do new developers get started creating programs?"  CADE addresses this issue, whether talking about creating courses, lessons, or eTutor sessions, with a number of creative tools and functions.

Program "Templates"

The CADE Learning Management Web includes tools to automatically generate new programs, courses, lessons, or eTutor sessions based on predefined program types:

  • Collaborative Session 
  • Course 
  • Course with Lessons 
  • eTutor Quick Start 
  • Meeting or Conference 
  • Presentation or Demonstration 

Program developers can quickly get up to speed using CADE by allowing the system to create the basic program structure and its typical elements: lessons, tests, questions, instructor's guides, etc.  The elements contain helpful information, instructions, and tips about how to complete an element or it might provide sample content appropriate for that particular program type.

Program "Dashboard"

Once a program has been created, the developer has access to a "Dashboard" that shows all the pertinent information about the program at a glance.  It contains the program's status, a snapshot of key attributes, and a checklist of:

  • What has been done, what elements have been created
  • What has not been done
  • What the developer might think about doing

From the Dashboard, the developer can jump directly to that particular aspect of the program's development and quickly return to the Dashboard at any time during the process.


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