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CADE Learning Management Web

For Training Management

The CADE Learning Management Web (LMW) provides the ability to manage and track information on sites, students, instructors, courses, lessons, exams, questions, schedules, results, materials, and much more through a standard web browser.  The CADE Learning Management Web provides a forum for both synchronous and asynchronous interactive learning and communication programs.

The CADE LMW provides tools to support the tracking and reporting of virtually every mode of training or communication programming: live and recorded satellite delivery, live and interactive web training, conferencing, and collaboration, web based training, SCORM run-time environment, classroom delivery, workshops, paper based testing, on-demand to the classroom, on-demand to the desktop, and more.

Wide Variety of Delivery Options

The CADE Learning Management Web recognizes that different people have different needs so it customizes its displays based on the userís role. When a user logs on to the system, they are presented with their own personalized web page that welcomes them and a unique set of functions based on whom they are.

The LMW is capable of tracking training activity within the organization as well as those programs taken outside at community colleges or universities.  It has been used to deliver courses for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits, degree completion programs at universities, GED courses, and skills training of all types.

Please review the associated pages and you'll find that the CADE Learning Management Web is on of the most function and least expensive Learning Management Systems (LMS) available today. 

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