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Add Broadcast Questions Dynamically

CADE provides the ability to add questions to an interactive program while the program is still going on.  This can be done in either of two ways.

By the Instructor

The instructor may choose to add a question to the list of existing questions during a broadcast.  Show they do so, a dialog box will be displayed that will allow them to:

(1) Indicate where the question should go in sequence

(2) Select the type of question to be created

(3) Enter the question and the potential answers

(4) Indicate which potential answer is the correct answer (if appropriate)

The instructor may add any number of questions to the broadcast program.  These questions will become a permanent part of the program's question set.

By Support Personnel

If the instructor is too busy on camera to add a question, support personnel may add the questions for them.  This can be done through the normal facilities of the Learning Management Web.  

  • Using the Question Form
  • Copying Questions for Other Programs
  • Extracting Questions from PowerPoint Slides

Not only can questions be added to a program's question set, new components can be added to the Instructor's Guide and questions attached to those as well.

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