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CADE Studio Control System

For the Interactive Instructor or Presenter

The CADE Studio Control System is a software solution that gives interactive distance learning and communication instructors and presenters information from and control over remote CADE Virtual Classroom participants in an interactive video broadcast.  It provides the IDL Facilitator with the ability to:

  • Select the appropriate course and lesson (manually or with search)
  • Call on remote participants or speak with participants who call in
  • Open a Video connection from the remote site for display
  • Browse and select questions from the database
  • Issue questions and potential answers to remote locations
  • Collect participant responses in the CADE database
  • View individual responses or all responses for a specific answer
  • Identify which participants have not responded to a question
  • Display responses to the participants
  • Send an interactive whiteboard with embedded graphic for markup
  • Tally responses to ad-hoc questions with anonymous response
  • Chat with the entire group or selected Virtual Classrooms
  • Deliver specific web pages or slides 
  • Start tests that can be taken after the broadcast is off the air
  • Share software applications among all participants 
  • Take control over remote participant's screen, keyboard, mouse
When using the Electronic Instructor's Guide, the Facilitator has the additional capability to:
  • Open one or more Guides for the program
  • Use a simple "next" button to advance program's script
  • Read notes, bullets, or comments prepared for each step or component
  • Automatically send rich media files to the uplink on cue
  • Automatically switch the video source to the uplink
  • Override automatic camera selection and return to Facilitator

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