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Electronic Instructor's Guide & Display Presentation

CADE provides tools to create an Electronic Instructor's Guide that can be used to aid the instructor or presenter prior to and during a live broadcast or an eTutor Session.  The Instructor's Guide helps an instructor break down the course into logical components, keep bullets and notes for on-screen presentation, provides a coordination mechanism for instructor and control room personnel, automates the delivery of displayable media during a broadcast, and can even control video routing in the studio.  

Each guide "component" conveys a single concept or camera view for the broadcast or eTutor participants.  Each component is associated with a standard icon so the presenter can readily identify the component's delivery form: a PowerPoint slide, an animation, instructor on screen, question, video, or many other possibilities.  

An Instructor's Guide can be created for any course or lesson and can be used to produce:

  • Paper based Instructor's Guide with presentation graphics and notes
  • On-Screen script and notes to be used during a broadcast
  • Automated stored media selection and display
  • Automated video routing to the uplink

Stored Media Selection and Display

Electronic media can be stored with an individual component.  When a component is reached during a broadcast or eTutor Session, information stored with that component: a question, PowerPoint, graphic, or any other displayable item, the Electronic Instructor's Guide automatically retrieves that item from the CADE database or from a link on the network and makes it available for uplink or displays it on the eTutor Desktop.  Different components may produce different actions:

  • Instructor - Indicate the instructor is the focus
  • Slide - Display a slide 
  • Question - Display a question 
  • Answer - Display a slide and issue a question from the database
  • Histogram - Display the results of an issued question
  • Video Clip - Show a video clip
  • Audio Clip - Play and audio file
  • Time - Set and display a countdown clock
  • And More...

Web-Based Instructor's Guide Maintenance

The Electronic Instructor's Guide is built and maintained within the Learning Management Web using a standard web browser.  It is primarily used to create the course sequence and flow but it also includes many other extremely beneficial functions.

  • Assign and store displayable items to individual Components
    • PowerPoint slides
    • Graphic Images
    • Computer animation
    • Audio/Video clips
    • Documents, spreadsheets, acrobat files
  • Specify links to a web page
  • Link Questions directly from the CADE database
  • Import Questions to the database from PowerPoint slides
  • Apply a background template for broadcast questions
  • Enter Individual text, comments, notes, bullet points
  • Insert, Rearrange, or Delete components
  • Search component library for reusable components
  • Copy components from other courses
  • Spell check individual components or entire Guide

Automated Video Routing to the Uplink

Since every aspect of an IDL program can be scripted with the Electronic Instructor's Guide, there is an inherent understanding of what camera, what video source, should be used at any given time.  With the use of the CADE Video Routing system, video selection can be controlled automatically so no human needs to be involved deciding which source to use or when.  More information on this unique feature can be found in the section Script Controlled Video Routing.



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