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Caller Priorities

Typically, when a participant raises their hand by pressing the call button, their name goes into a queue.  It may be desirable to have some participants always come to the top of the queue.  Perhaps they are a Subject Matter Expert or an officer of the company... anyone who the instructor or presenter would want to make sure to see.

Creating Priorities

The client's LMW Administrator can create as many different priorities and priority levels as they choose. These definitions will control the priority values for both permanent and temporary assignments. 

Permanent Priorities

A priority can be assigned to any person through the Person Maintenance Form in the LMW.  This makes a permanent change in the database so the assignment is always in effect any time that person logs into a course.

Temporary Priorities

Other times, there might be people in the broadcast that the instructor only wants to recognize for the one program.  The instructor can give specific people a priority that only lasts for the current broadcast.  After the broadcast is over, their priorities revert back to what is stored in the database. 

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