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"Interactive Prerecorded Broadcasts"

While it might sound like a contradiction in terms, the CADE Studio Control system has been designed to support interactivity during pre-recorded programs.  Tied into the Learning Management Web scheduling system is the ability to schedule pre-recorded courses and have them start automatically on any one of the Studio Control computers.  With the course loaded in the Studio Control system, participants can log on remotely and have their participation in the course recorded in the CADE database.

During the original broadcast, a switch parameter can cause the system to automatically log "event timing" that records when questions are issued, stopped, etc. in the database and stored as part of that program's information.  These events can then be used during playback of the recorded program and will cause the system to issue questions in synchronization with the video.  Participants at the remote sites can answer the questions exactly as they would just like it was a live broadcast.  Interactive Recorded Programs don't require an instructor/presenter, yet allow the system to:

  • Record Participant and Site Attendance
  • Record Participant's Answers to Broadcast Questions
  • Accept Recorded Audio Questions from Participants

Recorded questions can be answered by recording an audio response through a special web page in the CADE Learning Management Web.  Participants can hear both their original question and the recorded answer when they log on the web site.

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