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Script Controlled Video Routing

During a broadcast the CADE Studio Control system is used to issue questions, collect responses, and allow audio conversations between the remote sites and the instructor. The sequencing of these events, on-air notes, display of slides, graphics, animations, and web pages can be automated by creating the program in the CADE Electronic Instructor's Guide

The Guide becomes an electronic script for the entire content of a course or presentation.  During the program many different video selections must be made to frame the instructor, show a PowerPoint slide, a computer animation, show a three dimensional object under the document camera, play a tape or a DVD, look at a web site, etc.  The coordination necessary between the instructor and control room personnel to select the right video source and get back on the instructor at the correct moment is very difficult.

CADE can automate the video selection process and eliminate this burden from the broadcasting process.  As the instructor or presenter moves from component to component in the Electronic Instructor's Guide, commands are sent to a CADE Video Routing system in the control room which automatically selects the desired video source for that component.  The resulting uplinked video is naturally in synch with the broadcast program without either the instructor or control room personnel taking any special action. The benefits of CADE Video Routing would include:

  • Eliminate the need for an engineer to select the video sources
  • Eliminate the need for coordination between instructor and control room
  • Reduce the workload for control room engineers and camera operators
  • Systematize more delivery process and content 
  • Improve consistency and repeatability of subsequent broadcasts
  • Improve ability to produce a quality program

Studio Control Panic Button

Regardless of the video source selected by the Instructor Guide components, the instructor or presenter always has the ability to hit the "Panic Button".  There is a button on the Studio Control screen that will return the camera input back to the instructor in case they want to override the video selection.  

There is also the ability to open a dialog window so the inputs can be manually switched to any available video source.  So, regardless of what is shown automatically, the current video can be overridden with any video source.

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