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eTutor Brainstorming

eTutor supports interactive brainstorming and consensus building over a network.  Participants from a few people to a thousand can contribute ideas, consolidate thoughts, and vote on the resulting contributions.

Each participant can contribute individual ideas on electronic post-it notes that are displayed on a shared workspace for everyone in the session.  These notes can be arranged, consolidated, and deleted until everyone is satisfied with the result.

Facilitators can use the round-robin feature of eTutor to go around the "room" one by one soliciting input, allow participants to contribute at will, or use the raise hand feature for selection.  As each participant is selected, their microphone is opened so they may discuss their contribution while it is added to the workspace.

Voting and Ranking

Once the ideas have been collected and reviewed, the eTutor Facilitator can start the voting process, giving each participant a selected number of votes with which to rank the cards.  The results are tallied and ranked by the highest number of votes or by a point ranking based on the number of votes and how many times they were picked first, second, third, etc.  The results of the brainstorming session are stored in the CADE database for future reporting and analysis.

Brainstorming and Break-Out Sessions

By combining Brainstorming capability with Break-Out Sessions, eTutor provides participants with the ability to divide into any number of groups and brainstorm different aspects of a selected topic.  When the groups are finished, they can return to the main group and share their results.

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