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CADE eTutor 

For Interactive, Web Based Delivery

Many companies today often need the same kind of interactive delivery system found in the CADE Studio Control and Virtual Classroom products but can't justify the expense of installing a satellite downlink in every location.  At other times, they may just need a way to reach a group of employees at their workstations or want to get people together for a training/communication session in an ad-hoc way...  CADE eTutor!

CADE eTutor is a web-based, interactive delivery system that is designed to communicate or train employees, suppliers, or other people over the Internet.  eTutor provides the facilities to create and transfer knowledge, provide a forum to exchange ideas, and capture information in a web accessible database.  It allows an eTutor facilitator to start an eTutor Session anywhere there is a connection to the Intra/Internet.  Participants from anywhere in the world can join that session using the browser based eTutor Desktop.  eTutor can be used for small groups or delivered to thousands of Participants.

With the eTutor Guide, facilitators use the eTutor Guide as a script and delivery control system to present courses or other interactive content to participant's screens anywhere in the network.  The eTutor presenter or session facilitator has the following capabilities at their disposal:

  • Communicate with Anyone

Participants share information between the facilitator and each other.  Trainers can judge comprehension and speaking ability.

  • Via IP Network
  • Only 1.6kb of bandwidth required
  • Optional POTS connections
  • Capture Attention with Rich Media Content 

Provide a variety of media to engage participants, keep the session interesting, address multiple types of learners.  Browse together with facilitator led web touring. 

  • Web Pages, Documents, Spreadsheets
  • Pictures, Graphics, Images
  • PowerPoint Slides and Presentations
  • Computer Animation
  • Audio Clips, Videos
  • More...
  • Bring Facilitator and Participants Face-to-Face

Add a personal touch to on-line meetings, conferences and training.  Show new products, introduce participants, get to see people that might never be seen face to face.

  • Streamed from Facilitator's PC
  • Webcam video from participants
  • Hardware encoding for large groups
  • Only 7kb bandwidth required
  • Ask a Wide Variety of Questions

Check comprehension, record participation, retain interest and attention in the session.  Solicit a wide variety of information from participants.

  • Yes/no, yes/no/undecided

  • True/False

  • Multiple Choice

  • Multiple Selection

  • Numeric

  • Unlimited text (essay)

  • Audio Questions and/or Audio Response

  • Simplify Delivery with On-Screen Scripts 

Consistent content, easy delivery, improves quality and consistency of interactive programs

  • Bullets, notes, text, etc. available during session
  • Consistent delivery from session to session
  • Created and managed via the LMW
  • Alternate Facilitators with Team Delivery 

Share responsibility for delivery among the most knowledgeable facilitators, add variety to sessions, keeps attention of the participants. 

  • Sessions can be hosted by multiple people
  • Instructors, Presenters, Subject Matter Experts
  • All the most knowledgeable people in one Session
  • Break into Subgroup Sessions

Break participants into groups for independent study and report findings upon return to the main group.

  • Random or manual group creation
  • Random or manual leader selection
  • Common or individual courses
  • Communicate with Instant Messaging & Chat

Ask questions and communicate with the facilitator or other participants beyond the confines of the session's structure.

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Entire audience
  • Get Questions Answered with Recorded Audio

Provide the ability for a participant to get a question answered even if it can be addressed during the time available for the session.

  • Answered off-line by Facilitator or SME
  • Heard through the Learning Management Web
  • Build Consensus with Brainstorming Sessions

Quickly gain consensus, establish priorities, and capture group values and recommendations.

  • Collect and share input from all participants
  • Paste eNotes on the eTutor idea wall
  • Move, delete, insert ideas
  • Voting, ranking, and point calculations
  • Round-robin participant interaction
  • Engage Participants with Interactive Whiteboard

Engage participants with interactive, visual tools, identify visual components or as participants to show where components may be.

  • Markup graphics or web pages
  • Select colors, shapes, fonts, text, etc.
  • eTutor Guide controls who can markup
  • Share Materials in a Common Directory

Transfer and share files, documents, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. among participants and facilitator.

  • Transfer documents or other course materials
  • Share documents among participants
  • Share Computer Applications

Teach computer applications, demonstrate computer functions, and share documents, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Share applications on facilitator's PC 
  • Any other PC on the network
  • Windows, Unix/Linux, Macs
  • Access Participant Desktops

Show participants how to use features, troubleshoot problems, check progress on tasks.

  • Take control over participant PCs
  • Demonstrate "how to"
  • Time Workgroup Activities

Give participants time to perform tasks, manage breaks and workgroup activities.

  • Time independent work sessions
  • Display countdown timer on eTutor Desktop screens
  • Facilitate Spur of the Moment Actions

Provide a variety of ad-hoc tools for the facilitator to perform functions not anticipated in the sessions design, address unanticipated questions from participants.

  • Integrated Google™ search engine
  • Access tools outside of the Instructor's Guide
  • Open web pages, rich media files
  • Run programs
  • Control audio on remote PCs
  • Schedule with MS Outlook™ or the LMW

Easily schedule eTutor sessions and send invitations to participants.

  • Schedule one time or recurring sessions
  • Automatically notify participants of change in schedule or cancellation
  • Assign instructor(s) to specific session
  • Deliver in any Language

Appropriate for multi-national or multi-lingual organizations.

  • Language selection based on user profiles
  • Interface converts to user preference
  • Display Full-Screen Video

Enlarge the screen to show detailed video information when "seeing" is critical to the session topic.

  • Separate high quality, full screen video window
  • Live encoding with range of data rates
  • Capture Sessions for Interactive Re-Use

Record sessions for future use or viewing by participants who couldn't attend live.  Participate in archived sessions as if it were live, capture results in the database.

  • eTutor sessions stored in database
  • Playback on demand
  • Audio/video synched with slides and questions

Participants respond and those answers are captured in the CADE database with all of their other training or communication history.


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