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Toll-Free Help Desk Support

Learn.Net maintains a Help Desk with toll free access support during regular business hours from 8:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time. This Help Desk is available for Field Support personnel during installation and the Site Coordinator at each of the customer's sites. Learn.Net provides additional staff during the initial broadcasts to make sure there is sufficient coverage in the early stages of the network. Learn.Net requests that it be provided with one complete set of downlink site hardware and software so it may duplicate and monitor each broadcast.

Learn.Net provides a single toll-free telephone number for all site questions and problems regarding the IDL site operation. It will identify the problem and work with the client to resolve the issue. Rectification varies depending on the exact nature of the problem.  If its with the PC hardware, monitor, satellite receiver or antenna, Learn.Net communicates the site details and instructions necessary to fix the problem to the satellite provider or the system integrator and if necessary, dispatch their appropriate field service agent. Learn.Net will determine if a signal is being received from the satellite, but backhaul and uplink problems are resolved by The satellite provider’s staff.

PC hardware

If the problem is with the PC hardware, Learn.Net diagnoses the problem and contact the systems integrator or other appropriate hardware support group and tell them what the problem is and what is necessary to solve it. Learn.Net also e-mails the appropriate details to the integrator for further contact with the customer if necessary.

Application (Remote Site Operation)

Regarding problems with the operation of the remote site software, Learn.Net walks the Site Coordinator through process in question. It also directs the site coordinator to any appropriate desktop animation that may provide further clarification or to the knowledge base and FAQs located on the Virtual Classroom's desktop.

To support the remote site users and administrators, we have developed a tool called the Helpdesk Communicator. Learn more about the Communicator.

ISP Connectivity

If a site is having trouble with their internet connection, Learn.Net troubleshoots connection problems, resolves logon/password conflicts, and contacts the internet service provider to resolve any outstanding issues.

Web Based Applications

Learn.Net has created a number of applications to aid the Site Coordinator with the management of the site operation. It familiarizes the Site Coordinator through the registration, maintenance processes and clarifies any questions or problems they are having. It also directs the site coordinator to any appropriate desktop animation that may provide further clarification or to the knowledge base and FAQs located on the desktop.

Site Coordinator Communication

Learn.Net maintains communication with the Site Coordinators through e-mail to notify them of any pending changes or upgrades. It will also update the repository of support materials and documentation from time to time. Site Coordinators can additionally use the built-in e-mail client to resolve non-time critical issues.

Remote Control

For those problems that can't be resolved quickly, Learn.Net connects to the customer's PC and takes remote control of its keyboard, screen, and mouse to understand the exact nature of the problem. It also uses this remote control software to initiate off-hour software upgrades and file transfers necessary to keep the software current.


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