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CADE Help Desk Communicator

The CADE Help Desk Communicator is just another way to get assistance with your CADE system.  The purpose of this program is to: 
  • Quickly and easily communicate with the Help Desk
  • Access the Help Desk when a phone is not close-by
  • Give you instant answers to questions you might have
    • Using the microphone and speakers
    • Typing on the computer keyboard
  • Ask questions that will be answered later
  • Test the audio connection of your PC

The Help Desk Communicator will let you (1) Talk - Using the Voice-Over-the- Internet technology, (2) Chat - By typing on the computer's keyboard, and either  (3) Record - an audio question or (4) Post a text question when you don't have time to wait or need an immediate reply.

To initiate a call with the CADE Help Desk, simply start the CADE Help Desk Communicator and a screen like the one here will appear. 


Enter your name and click the Call button to talk with or type a question for any of the Help Desk staff.

The connection will go from your site to the Help Desk Redirector.  The Redirector's job is to direct the call to all of the available Help Desk computers.  Any of the Help Desk staff who are not helping other callers, will pick up the call and open a connection.

Talking Over the Internet

As soon as one of the Help Desk staff answer your call, the microphone and speakers become active and you can talk immediately by speaking into the microphone.  You will be able to hear the person at the Help Desk through your speakers. 

Record an Audio Question

You may wish to record an audio question for the Help Desk.  Click on the record button and a window like this will appear.

Click on the record button and ask your question by speaking into the microphone on the PC.  You will have up to two minutes to ask your question.

When finished, click the Stop button and your message will be stored in the CADE database.  One of the Help Desk staff will answer your question as soon as they can.  You can hear your original question and the answer as soon as you log on to the Learning Management Web site.

Chat with the Help Desk

If you aren't able to hear or don't want to talk, you can use the chat function to communicate with the Help Desk.  Simply type your question and press the Send button.

Record a Question for Later

If the Help Desk is busy and can't get to your question or you don't want to start a live session, you can record a question and receive the answer in your message box when you log on to the web!

When you are disconnected from the help desk, your Help Desk Communicator will look like the screen on your right.  Simply type your first and last name, and then the question in the large text box.  Click the Send button and your question will be stored in the CADE database.  When the Help Desk staff are done with their current calls, they'll answer your question.

Then of course, there will always be the Toll-Free Help line for those that just want to make a telephone call!


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