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Installation Support

When Learn.Net provides a turn-key package to the customer, it ships PCs to each site and its field support personnel will unpack the equipment, check for damage, and install the satellite antenna, receiver, monitor, application software, and student response devices. When all equipment has been installed, connected, and powered up, they will run the automated configuration program and prepare for a field test.

This field test includes connecting to the internet through a local internet service provider or LAN, logging on to the customer's Host,  and verifying that the remote site is connecting to the Communications Server and transmitting information to and from the Instructor's console. This process will test:

  • Connection to the internet service provider
  • Connection to Communications Server
  • Data connection to Instructor's console
  • Audio communication

To complete the installation process, Field Service personnel call the Help Desk to verify that the system is working properly and communicate any additional site specific information so it may be stored in our database.


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