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Pre-Installation Support

To support its customers in the preparation for installation of the remote sites, Learn.Net works with systems integrators to proactively set up the remote site computer to be as trouble free as possible before shipment to the customer site. This will include:

Pre-configured and Tested PC

Learn.Net makes sure the operating system software and interactivity applications are configured to Learn.Net specifications. Learn.Net then builds a disk image exactly as the software should be configured. This disk image is sent to the systems integrator so they can make exact copies for all subsequent computers delivered to the customer. Learn.Net works with the systems integrator throughout the entire testing phase.

Additional Software Configuration

Learn.Net installs additional application software, help files, computer animation, and remote control applications in addition to the software. This ensures the necessary support software is loaded on the computer so it is as easy to use and maintain as possible before it is delivered to the customer.

Customized Automated Installation Programs

To make sure that the final installation process is as simple as possible, Learn.Net has written special installation routines that automatically update the appropriate software with specific site names, e-mail addresses, internet service provider logon IDs, passwords, local internet access numbers, and other information unique to the site. Field service personnel only need to enter the basic information once in a simple dialog box and the installation program updates the appropriate programs and registry files automatically.

Help and Animation

To assist the customer's site coordinator, Learn.Net has developed a variety of help files that are stored locally on the PC in standard web format. All the site personnel need to do is click on the "Help" icon on their PC desktop and this information is immediately presented in a standard web browser. Additionally, an animated tour of each application can take the Site Coordinator through the selected process with voice and screen animation.

Site Coordinator Responsibilities Manual

Learn.Net provides an electronic version of the Site Coordinator's manual as part of the desktop application. This manual describes the general responsibilities of the Site Coordinator before, during, and after each broadcast. The Site Coordinator manual also includes a checklist that the Site Coordinator may follow to help ensure each broadcast is a successful one. The manual may be modified by the customer to fit the specific needs of its own operation.

Local Recovery Utility

In the event there is a catastrophic software failure, Learn.Net creates a backup disk image of the configured software on the system. Using the recovery diskette provided with the application software, the Site Coordinator can easily restore the system to its original operating state.

These additional steps are critical for an error free setup and quick training of the Site Coordinator. Learn.Net strongly recommends that these resources be installed on every system, even if it means retrofitting systems that have already been configured.


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