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Depot Repair Services

Learn.Net maintains the capability to service any computer or CADE component it sells.  This includes depot repair or replacement of:

  • Virtual Classroom Computers
  • Monitors
  • Remote Controls and Receivers
  • Satellite Receivers
  • Miscellaneous Components (video cards, network cards, sound cards, speakers, etc.)

Minimize Downtime

Should we be unable to repair a PC after the first phone call to the Help Desk, a replacement computer will be configured and shipped immediately to the remote site.  When the PC arrives at the site, the site coordinator simply unpacks the replacement computer, switches with the bad one, and ships the old one to Learn.Net for repair.

When Learn.Net receives a computer from a site, it is refurbished and placed back into inventory for the organization from which it came.  Our objective is to minimize downtime for the remote sites whenever possible.

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