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Automatic Software Upgrades

To ensure the CADE software is always up to the latest version and operating properly, the Studio Control and Virtual Classroom, have been designed to automatically upgrade themselves to the latest version.

For example, when the CADE Virtual Classroom is started, one of the first things it does is compare version numbers against the Studio Control system.  If the Virtual Classroom is not the latest version, it will display a message asking the Site Coordinator to wait a moment and then downloads the latest version of the software.  After the download, the Virtual Classroom restarts itself and is ready for the course.

Automated Nightly Maintenance

In addition to the automated software upgrade process, the CADE system will automatically launch a maintenance routine in the early hours of each morning.  This routine checks to see if there are maintenance upgrades, new information, help files, or animation to download.  Site wide changes can be easily incorporated into this daily routine to ensure that the CADE system is running as well as possible.

CADE Watchdog

When the Virtual Classroom software is installed, a number of other support applications are installed with it.  One of those is the CADE Watchdog.  This application runs in background and constantly monitors the health of the PC and the CADE application.  It will provide CADE support staff with critical information about the health and configuration of the PC so steps can be taken to avoid any problems... All without the user being aware that there might have been a problem!


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