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IDL Classroom

Characterizing the typical distance learning classroom, is nearly an impossible task. There are numerous means of conducting distance learning, but the one we are most concerned with here is IDL. The essentials of an IDL classroom include some visual representation of the instructor and the course materials (this may be as simple as a TV monitor or as complex as giant projections which fill an entire wall with the visual image). The instructor and instructional materials can be seen and heard.

Another characteristic of the IDL classroom is (single or multiple) microphone(s) so that students can communicate with the instructor. These may be a part of a an audience response system like the Communication And Distance Education (CADE) system remote control units that provide for data communication between students and instructor.

What’s different about the IDL Classroom?

There are several significant differences between an IDL classroom and a traditional classroom. Designers should keep in mind that it is not only the physical layout of an IDL classroom which makes it different from a traditional classroom, although that is a major portion of the difference, there is also a psychological difference which can have a major impact on course design.

Dealing with Differences

If the IDL classroom is different than a traditional classroom, then new skills are needed for students and teachers to work and survive in such a classroom. Some of these new skills include:

  • Enhance Interaction
  • Provide Feedback
  • Rely on Auditory Cues
  • Make Use of Visual Media
  • Eliminate Feeling of Isolation
  • Utilize the Technology
  • Provide Support


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