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Interactive Distance Learning Services and Support

IDL Consulting

Velocedge works closely with its customers to design and implement the most effective IDL delivery systems possible.  Velocedge has provided such services as:

  • Studio Design and Implementation
  • Studio and Control Room Equipment Selection
  • Satellite Selection and Acquisition of Transponders
  • PC Communication Systems 
  • PC Hardware and Software Selection and installation
  • Text, Web, and Video Help Support Systems

Web Applications

Velocedge's focus on web development concentrates on the integration of industry standard databases with web technologies to put information where it is most useful.  All the information in the CADE system can be created and is accessible over the web.

  • Course, Lesson, Test Development
  • Course Catalogs, Schedules, Workbooks, and Exams
  • Course Registration, Approval, and Tracking
  • Site, Student, Instructor, Administrator Maintenance
  • Personalized Web Pages
  • Recorded Audio Questions and Topic Expert Answers
  • Messaging, Chat, Discussion Groups
  • On-Line Tests, Test Results, and Reporting
  • Custom Database / Web Integration

IDL Instructional Design & Presentation Workshops

Velocedge has trained hundreds of instructional designers and presenters to design, develop, and deliver the highest quality interactive courses possible.  Initial training is performed in highly interactive workshops, right in your own facility.  Additional information on our workshops can be provided by clicking the title line above.

IDL Design & Training

Velocedge offers fast-start services like instructional design and delivery workshops and IDL course development to help its customers quickly up the IDL learning curve.

  • IDL Instructional Design and Delivery Workshops
  • IDL Course Development
  • Web Based Course Development

Help Desk

Velocedge stands by all its products and services with an outstanding Help Desk service for virtually any aspect of the IDL or CADE system.

  • PC Operational Support and Troubleshooting
  • Web Application Support
  • Satellite Services 
  • TV and VCR Troubleshooting
  • Remote PC Control
  • Automated Nightly Maintenance System

Remote Network Management

Velocedge supports its IDL customers with PC maintenance services to keep the personal computers running as smoothly as possible.

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Automated Maintenance
  • PC Component Inventory
  • Full PC Replacement


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