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Web Based Applications 
and Database Integration

Velocedge makes extensive use of the internet and world wide web based applications that are integrated with database management systems in most of its client's operations. It provides consulting and custom development of such applications.

Interactive Satellite Training Support

Depending on the customerís operational philosophy, Velocedge can provide a number of web based applications that move much of the database maintenance to the Site Coordinator, greatly reducing the requirements on the centralized broadcast facility. Only the Site Coordinator can use these applications and access is controlled by a site identification number combined with the Site Coordinator's password. 

Velocedge has developed Learning Management Web applications that support interaction with an interactive satellite training delivery system.  The interactive satellite training system broadcasts a live instructor via satellite with audio and data interaction from the remote classrooms via the internet.

These applications provide functions to enter or maintain information in the database through the internet with a standard web browser.  The following sections describe what each web participant can do remotely:

All Web Participants

  • Display Course Schedules, Outlines, and Descriptions
  • Receive Recommended Course Sequences
  • Generate Instructor Lists
  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Participate in Discussion Groups
  • Take Part in Real-Time Chats


  • Register for, Participate in, or Drop Courses
  • View Real-Time or Archived Presentations
  • Take and Review Exams
  • Maintain Personal Information in Database
  • Change Passwords

Site Coordinators

  • Access Workbooks, Learning Guides, & Exams
  • Maintain Student Information
  • Maintain Site Information
  • Display Student Results
  • Print Course Certificates
  • Reset Exam Results


  • Develop Courses, Lessons, and Exams
  • Create Recommended Course Paths
  • Generate Attendance Lists
  • Display Student Results
  • Send Messages to Enrolled Students
  • Grade Essay Questions On-Line


  • Search for Student Information
  • Change Student's Site
  • Create and Maintain Discussion Groups


  • Approve Student Participation and Enrollment
  • Send Messages to Direct Reports
  • Assign Direct Reports

Web Site Development

Velocedge also develops web sites that are not part of a training system.  

Database Integration

Velocedge specializes in web sites that are integrated with SQL Server, Access, or any other ODBC compliant databases and often incorporate multimedia presentations.  Many of the sites it have developed make extensive use of the ability to display, manage, and remove information from databases.  This includes such applications as:
  • Sales and business contact information
  • Student information
  • Product and services information
  • Manufacturing capabilities data
  • Discussion groups
  • Messaging and e-mail systems
  • Catalogs

Web Site Technologies

Velocedge uses a variety of web based technologies to develop its sites.  The nature of the application determines the exact technologies to use, but the following list presents some of them:

  • Active Server Pages
  • SQL, SQL Server, Access, ODBC
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Index Server
  • Media Services Server, Media Player
  • RealServer, RealProducer, and RealPlayer
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Visual Basic, Javascript, VBscript
  • ActiveX Data Objects and File Scripting Objects
  • eXtensible Markup Lanugage (XML), eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)


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