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CADE Learning Management Web

The CADE Learning Management Web provides the ability to manage and track information on sites, students, instructors, courses, lessons, exams, questions, schedules, results, materials, and much more through a standard web browser.  The CADE Learning Management Web provides a forum for both synchronous and asynchronous interactive learning and communication programs.

User Roles

The CADE Learning Management Web recognizes that different people have different needs so it customizes its displays based on the userís role.  When a user logs on to the system, they are presented with their own personalized web page that welcomes them and a unique set of functions based on whom they are.  The Learning Management Web recognizes the following user roles:

  • Students (everyone is considered a student)
  • Site Coordinators
  • Instructors
  • Administrators 
  • Supervisors
  • Course Developers
  • Unlimited User Defined Roles (job codes)

All Participants

There are a number of functions that are available to all participants that log on to the CADE Learning Management Web regardless of their role.  These functions include:

  • Display Course Schedules, Outlines, and Descriptions
  • Receive Recommended Course Sequences
  • Instructor Lists
  • Integrated Messages with E-mail
  • Participate in Discussion Groups
  • Take Part in Real-Time Chats

Student Functions 

Everyone in the CADE Learning Management Web is considered a student and has access to all the student functions.  

For more detail on the following functions, click the title above or the navigation button at the top of the page.

  • Listen to audio answers from Topic Experts
  • Register for, Participate in, or Drop Courses
  • View Real-Time or Archived Presentations
  • Take and Review Exams
  • Maintain Personal Information in Database
  • Change Passwords

Site Coordinators Functions

Typically one or two individuals are identified at each site who are responsible for the operation of the CADE system.  These "Site Coordinators" provide an important function in its operation by acting as the focal point with a site for information about the system and its operation.

For more detail on the following functions, click the title above or the navigation button at the top of the page.

  • Access Workbooks, Learning Guides, & Exams
  • Browse Course Material Directory
  • Maintain Student Information
  • Maintain Site Information
  • Display Student Results
  • Print Certificates of Achievement
  • Reset Exam Results
  • Order New CADE Equipment

Instructor/Developer Functions

The CADE Learning Management Web allows courses, lessons, and exams to be created by instructors or other interactive program developers over the web.  Development teams may be located any where in the world.

CADE also includes functions to identify and track a student's progress in courses taken at institutions outside the CADE system like those offered by colleges or universities.

For more detail on the following functions, click the title above or the navigation button at the top of the page.

  • Develop Courses, Lessons, and Exams
  • Create Recommended Course Paths
  • Schedule Courses and Lessons
  • Review Questions and Record Answers
  • Grade Essay Questions On-Line
  • Generate Attendance Lists
  • Display Student Results
  • Send Messages to Enrolled Students
  • Access Site/Student Participation Reports

Supervisor Functions

Certain individuals may be identified as supervisors with authority over their employees.  A number of functions have been developed to help the supervisor manage the CADE system's interaction with those people.

For more detail on the following functions, click the title above or the navigation button at the top of the page.

  • Approve Student Participation and Enrollment
  • Manage Program of Study
  • Send Messages to Direct Reports
  • Assign Direct Reports

Administrator Functions 

Within the CADE system are certain individuals who have the responsibility for managing a limited number of administrative functions in the operation of the system.

For more detail on the following functions, click the title above or the navigation button at the top of the page.

  • Search for Student Information
  • Change Student's Site
  • Create and Maintain Discussion Groups
  • Group Mailing
  • Public Course Tracking Administration
  • Outside Institution Monitoring & Administration
  • Outside Institution Course Identification

Learning Management Administrators

Learning Management Administrators are responsible for the operation of the CADE system.  In addition to the Administrator's functions, these individuals have access to even more functions that control the operation of the network.

For more detail on the following functions, click the title above or the navigation button at the top of the page.

  • Order List
  • Identify and Apply Special Privileges
  • Move and Copy Lessons
  • Send Broadcast Messages
  • Reset Passwords

Unlimited User Defined Roles

In addition to the standard user categories, the CADE Learning Management Web allows for the customization of job codes.  Each employee may be assigned a job code or codes.   Administrators can create a "Plan of Study", enroll a specific group in a course(s), communicate, or track participants by job code group.

Application Service Provider (ASP) Option

Typically, the CADE Learning Management Web is hosted on a company's own servers.  However, the CADE applications may be hosted in whole or in part on an Application Service Provider's (ASP) system as well.

In-House and External Tracking

The CADE Learning Management Web naturally tracks a learner's progress within company programs, but it is also capable of tracking their progress in training or education programs with outside institutions.

Web Based Training Support

CADE Learning Management Web recognizes the need to bring a variety of synchronous and asynchronous training tools and corporate communication networks together into one learning system.  

SCORM Support 

The CADE Learning Management Web has implemented the SCORM run-time environment directly into its operation.  

  • Import SCORM compliant courses 
  • Launch SCORM compliant courses
  • Store results in CADE database in a common format
  • Access all learner results (live/web) from a standard browser

SCORM compliance provides an answer to the question of how you acquire web-based training from a wide variety of vendors and have them all work together in a common environment.  If you are new to SCORM we encourage you to visit www.adlnet.org for more information.

Microsoft .Net XML Web Services

The CADE Learning Management Web has based its SCORM support with the latest technologies from Microsoft.  It is based on the new .Net architecture, XML Web Services, and XML (eXtensible Markup Language) communication.  By using these technologies, the CADE Learning Management Web takes advantage of Microsoft's (and the world's) huge investment in their products to improve the speed and capability of web based applications while retaining the simplicity of a browser based interface. 

Integration with Database

The CADE Learning Management Web accommodates web based training and provides "hooks" into the database so the results of web courses can be captured and stored in the same database as the interactive satellite system uses.  Web courses developed internally or purchased from 3rd party suppliers can be integrated with the system to capture the results in a common repository.

Discussion Groups

There are a number of different Discussion Groups in the CADE Learning Management Web to provide a forum for persistent information about a course, lesson, or topic of general interest.  These provide a history of questions and answers that can be browsed or searched to help people find answers to questions that may have been asked by someone earlier.

Threaded Discussions

Discussion threads maintained from post the initial posting of a question to the various replies that question may have so a person can follow a flow of logic from question to answer to question, etc.  

Courses or Lessons

A Discussion Group may be associated with each Course, Lesson, or general topic.  Course/Lesson Discussion Groups are accessed by entering the course area through Take Course and selecting the lesson.  They are automatically created when a course or lesson is added to the database by the course developer.  

General Topics

General Topic Discussion Groups can be created by an Administrator with the Create Discussion Group function.  General Discussion Groups are entered through the Discussion link on the menu.  There Administrators can define the following information for their Discussion Group:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Logon and Password for restricted sites
  • Number of days before entries expire
  • Moderator (optional)

Discussion Group Moderators

Identifying Discussion Group Moderators is optional.  A moderator will be sent a message each time someone posts to their Discussion Group.  They can reply privately to the person posting the message or reply to the Discussion Group itself.

Maintained in the Database

Discussion Group records are kept in the SQL Server database and can be accessed and manipulated like any other database table.  

Messaging and E-mail

The CADE Learning Management Web gives users the choice of using messaging or e-mail to communicate among participants to simplify its use by both experienced and inexperienced users.  Not all participants have access to e-mail so the messaging system has been implemented to enable Administrators, Supervisors, Course Developers, and Participants to communicate among themselves within the system.  The message system is completely integrated with standard e-mail systems so users of messaging can easily communicate with e-mail users.

Course Authorization

Courses can be flagged  to require authorization by a Supervisor.  When a student enrolls in a course, their Supervisor receives a message indicating that student's desire to enroll.  The Supervisor may approve or deny the request and send a message indicating such to the student by replying to that message.  Until a course is authorized, the student will see the course in their course list but will be unable to enter until the approval is given.

Recorded Audio Questions & Answers

During the course of a broadcast it is not always possible or feasible to answer all questions that might arise.  The CADE Virtual Classroom program will allow learners to record questions through the PC microphone which are reviewed at a later time by topic experts, who may be located anywhere in the world, via the internet.

Learners may ask questions that are then stored by a central server.  Authorized topic experts may then review the questions in their area of expertise and record an answer for the learner to hear at their own leisure.  When a learner logs on to the the web site, a notification message will alert them that an answer has been recorded for them.  The learner can then hear their original question and then the topic expert's answer as many time as they like until they choose to delete the recordings.

eBroadcast Presentations

Any course, as well as for general information,  may include an eBroadcast Presentation.  An eBroadcast Presentation is a web based presentation that allows an instructor to issue slides in real-time to many different participants over the internet.  As the instructor changes slides, the page on each participant's browser automatically changes at the same time.  Audio is heard over the internet at each participant's site through multi-media computers.  Optionally, video can also be sent with the audio but this requires significantly more bandwidth.  

Presentation Archives

eBroadcast Presentations may also be archived so you may view them again at a later time.  These presentations can be made available as part of a course or to the general population.


Information throughout the system is maintained in a SQL Server database.  Access to this information over the internet is managed exclusively through Active Server Pages (.asp).  Only people with an authorized logon and password have access to the web site itself.  The individual's logon and password are encrypted and stored in the CADE database.  

Based on the identification of a specific individual and the rights associated with that individual, they are provided access to only that information they are authorized to have and nothing else.  No hacker can "open" an asp and get access to information that is not there.

Site Appearance

CADE Learning Management Web was designed to be used by a variety of different companies or organizations at the same time.  As such it is aware of who is using its functions and changes itself accordingly.

Colors and Graphics

This web site uses cascading style sheets to control these visual attributes, allowing "looks" to be easily changed or new ones added depending on the rules that have been established by the various companies involved in the operation of CADE Web Access.  It can change its color, images, fonts, and overall style depending on who logs on to it and where they come from.  

Local Help

Whenever you see this symbol on the upper right corner of the page (or the [Help] button if you are using Netscape) it means additional help available to you for that specific application.  Click on it and a window will open with additional information that will help you understand the various functions of the page.

Common Functions

The most commonly used functions are always located in a menu on the left side of the screen so that no matter where a participant is, those functions are easily accessible.


CADE Learning Management Web is designed to integrate both the interactive satellite based training and web based training into a common database.  Any web based training program can be used in the system and the data captured in the database provided that the test questions are asked through the web integration system. 

Bandwidth Requirements

The site uses very little network communication resources under normal use.  Only the streaming audio/video presentations that may be included in web based training courses will require more than a 56kb connection.  There is no requirement to use these applications and it is the choice of the companies involved in the operation of CADE Web Access whether to incorporate streaming audio/video into their web based training programs. 

Learning Management Web Host

The CADE Learning Management Web runs on Microsoft NT or 2000 Server running the Internet Information Server and FTP Server.  It incorporates an industry standard database, giving users a choice of either Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database to manage and store the training information.  


The CADE Learning Management Web is a software package that provides learning management functions to companies of all sizes.  The licensing structure is very simple... there is a one-time license fee no matter how many seats or users there are in the system.  

A support license is optional depending on the other CADE products purchased.  If a company is also a user of the CADE Studio Control and Virtual Classrooms, the support license is built into their support contract and there is no additional license for the Learning Management Web.  If the Learning Management Web is used stand-alone, the support license is based on the customer's hardware and configuration and any additional customization requested.

Technical Support

Velocedge provides web development services to organizations involved with interactive satellite and web based distance learning.  Support is available for any aspect of the CADE Learning Management Web's operation with a toll-free HelpDesk 877-694-HELP (4357).

LMS - Like a Rock

There is no definitive definition of a Learning Management System.  They are like a rock... no, that's a pebble... no, that's a stone... So, the CADE Learning Management Web was designed to change easily to accommodate the needs of each customer.  Velocedge will work with each customer to add or remove functionality to meet their specific requirements for an LMS.

Comparing LMS Functionality?

If you have looked at other Learning Management Systems and want to compare functionality, take a look at our LMS Checklist and see how it measures up.


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