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Administrator Functions 

Search for Student Information

The administrator can use different criteria such as first name, last name, site, student number, etc. to locate a participant in the CADE system.

Change Student's Site

Student's are typically assigned to a specific location.  Should that location change, this function changes the appropriate information in the CADE Database.

Create and Maintain Discussion Groups

While course discussion groups are automatically generated when a course is created, the administrator may wish to create specific discussion groups for other focused topic areas of interest.

Group Messaging

The administrator may wish to create groups that are accessible to all participants in the CADE Learning Management Web.  These group messaging lists can be used to send one message to many different people.

Outside Institution Course Tracking Administration

The CADE Learning Management Web allows administrators to track an employee's or student's progress in courses outside the CADE system like their enrollment in a college or certified program.  Administrators can record their progress in the database and make selected portions of that information available to the student and their supervisor.  The following functions are included in this section:

  • List of students taking courses outside the organization
  • Select specific students for tracking
  • Assign course(s) of study to student
  • Record progress through course sequence
  • Record comments and notes on students
  • Review student history

Learning Management Administrators

Identify and Apply Special Privileges

These administrators can provide special privileges to participants in the CADE Learning Management Web.  They can grant administrator, site coordinator, or supervisor rights to any person in the database.

Move and Copy Lessons

The administrator can move lessons from one course to another or copy lessons for an entirely new course.

Send Broadcast Messages

The administrator is able to create and send messages to groups within the CADE Learning Management Web. 

Reset Passwords

Often times, participants forget their passwords.  The administrator can reset the password so a student is able to log on and re-identify their password.


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