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Display Course Schedules, Outlines, and Descriptions

All courses, lessons, or other interactive communication programs are maintained in the CADE database.  Additional detail can be viewed over the web.  A schedule of events is also maintained and can be retrieved by week or month.

Receive Recommended Course Sequences

Some courses follow a predetermined sequence.  This function displays that sequence and will selectively provide additional information on course descriptions and dates.

Instructor Lists

This function lists all the interactive instructors and provides a means by which to contact them.

Integrated Messages with E-mail

Since not all participants have an e-mail address, a messaging system has been incorporated into the standard functions.  It works similarly to e-mail, but stores records in the CADE database.  All participants in the CADE system can communicate with individuals or group using this messaging function.

For those participants with e-mail, the CADE Learning Management Web will send messages created in the system to the e-mail address.  Replies from e-mail will be incorporated back into the messaging system.  This allows participants to communicate with each other regardless of the components they use.

Participate in Discussion Groups

A discussion group provides a forum for participants to asynchronously communicate about a specific area of interest.  All courses automatically create a discussion group, but others may be created which focus on non-course information.  For a further explanation of the types of discussion groups available, see the information below.

Take Part in Real-Time Chats

A real time chat function allows participants to synchronously communicate with each other through the CADE system.  This may be used as part of a course or general communication.


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