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Learning Management Web Check List

The following table is provided as a checklist that can be used to review the various capabilities of the CADE Learning Management Web and compare them to other Learning Management Systems (LMS).

General Information

Course, Lesson, Exam, Schedule Creation

Student Functions

Site Coordinator Functions

Supervisor Functions

Administrator Functions


General Information

Site Access

CADE Learning Management Web Other
Individual Logon & Password    
Password Encrypted in Database    
Force Password Change on 1st Logon    
Individual Privileges Based on Logon    
Multiple Company Logon    
Same Logon Used for Different Companies    
Company Based Look & Feel    
Functions Customized for Individual    
Functions Dependent on Privileges    
Site Coordinator Self-Identification    
Site Administrator Special Logon    
Personalized Welcome Message    
Page Specific On-Line Help    
Generic Help Page

System contains a system overview / how-to-use section  


Database Access

Choice of MS SQL Server or MS Access    
Standard database reports    
Works with 3rd party report writers    
Accessible over the internet    
Results from all sources stored in one database    
Access protected by logon and password    
Data export into any standard format for incorporation into other system    




Messaging is supported to provide communication access to the people without e-mail  
All People Have Message Box    
New Message Banner    
Notification of new Audio messages    
Audio answers from topic experts and instructors    
Unlimited Individual Address Books    
Group Address Books    
Company Wide Address Books    
Address Book Maintenance    
E-mail Not Required    
Create Messages to Any Number of People    
Reply to Messages    
Cross Company Messaging    
Instructor's student list    
Administrator's employee list    
Interface and functions customized by user privileges
  • Site Coordinators
  • Administrators
  • Instructors


Seamless integration with non-email learners    
Participants can choose e-mail or messaging    
Send and receive between e-mail and messages    

Discussion Groups

A discussion group provides a forum for participants to asynchronously communicate about a specific area of interest.     
Automatic Creation for Each Course    
General Discussion Group Creation & Maintenance on non-course topics    
Password Protected Groups    
Post & Reply Threads    
Text Search    
Private Reply    
Moderated Groups    
Posts Approved by Moderator    
Automatic Message to Moderator Upon Post    
Automatic removal after specified time period    

Real-Time Chat

A real time chat allows participants to synchronously communicate with each other through the CADE system.  This may be used as part of a course or general communication  
Chat for each course    
General topic chats    
Moderated control    
Sounds & Expressions    
Always available    
Multiple chat room creation    
Real-time Newsfeeds    

Course/Schedule Information


Course/Lesson Information

All course information, schedules, and materials are available in the LMW  
Course list of all courses in the database    
Lesson list expands course list to include lessons    
List selection by keyword    
Sequence by Title or course ID    
Course/Lesson description with hyperlinks to schedules and materials    
Course/Lesson materials on-line in workbook directory or description    
Course Catalog    
Catalog selection by keyword    
Full catalog print    
Browseable directory of course materials, schedules, or other information    
Recommended Program of Study defines suggested courses for job title    
Graphical view of Course/Lesson Path     

Schedule Information

Schedules not only provide information on course times, but control automated pre-recorded programs  
Monthly Schedule Views    
Weekly Schedule Views    
Daily Views    
Schedule times automatically adjusted to local site time    
Linked Course/Lesson description    
Schedules linked to materials    
Other broadcast dates for selected Course/Lesson    
Printable schedules    
Course Duration View    

SCORM Run-Time Support

Supports SCORM 1.2 compliant courses and maintains information in CADE database  
SCORM Compliant API    
Supports all mandatory and optional API calls    
Launch courses in sequence    
Normalize results into common database    
Based on MS Web Services and .Net technology    
Internal XML support controls operation    

Course, Lesson, Exam, Schedule Creation

CADE Learning Management Web Other

Import SCORM Courses

Creates course records and leaves the SCORM course in place.  No need to physically move to LMW
Import Content Aggregation Model
Import Content Packaging Specification
Integrated with all other courses in database
Import from file or web location
Import from internal or external web location

Course Creation

 All courses, lessons, test, and questions created over the web  
Course List
Course selection by keyword    
Course creation via the web    
Edit or Delete selected courses    
Enter course information

Title, ID, Description, Outline, type, instructor, language, objectives, prerequisites, target audience, etc.

CEU Indicator
Web link to more information    
Access to on-line materials    
Authorization required

Course Certificate Creation

Multiple certificate types    
Restricted creation
Plain print
Fancy print
Test display and print

Course Path Maintenance

Course Path List
Select courses for inclusion in path    
Create/Modify/Delete Paths via the web    
Select colors for flow diagrams    

Lesson Creation

 Lessons created for each on-line broadcast with their own quizzes and exams  
Lesson List by course
Lesson selection by keyword    
Lesson creation via the web    
Edit or Delete selected lessons    
Enter course information Title, ID, Description, Outline, type, instructor, language, etc.  
First aired date
CEU available
Web link to material
Duration controls schedule

Exam Creation

Same program to create Exams for courses and lessons  
Multiple exams for courses and lessons    
Create, Modify, Delete exams    
Copy/Move existing exams
Build exam information over the web
Title, description, etc.

Exam Question Creation

Create/Modify/Delete questions via the web
  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Yes/No/Unknown
  • Essay
Provide potential answers
Correct answer indicator
Descriptions why wrong or right    
Copy questions from one exam to another    
Resequence exam questions

Presentation Broadcasting

Recorded course/lesson broadcasts in streaming format    
Create general information for web access
Title, broadcast date, description, requirements, etc.
Automatic archiving of web broadcasts    
Broadcasts available 24x7

Record Audio Answers

Audio questions can be recorded and sent to instructors or topic experts  
List Audio questions for specific course or topic area    
Listen to recorded audio questions from students    
Record audio answer through web browser    
Listen to recorded answers before sending to student    
Remove audio questions from your audio inbox    

Registered Student List

Instructor can see all students registered in their courses  
List all students enrolled in an instructor's class    
Automatic selection based on instructor's logon    
Message any one or all enrolled participants    

Check Essay Questions

Essay questions graded on-line with red-line and comments  
List all ungraded essay questions for a specific instructor
Review question
Review student's response
Apply comments
Assign numeric and alphabetic grade
Selectively leave open or close exam

Reset Exam Scores

Authorized personnel can reset exam scores 
Select student by name or number
Review exams by course
Remove exam from database

Course/Lesson Participation Reports

Standard reports of site/student participation and history of course activity
Course participation by student or site
Review a specific student's participation in all courses
Review all results by exam
Review results by specific exam

Instructor Lists

List and communicate with all instructors in system
Instructor list by course
Instructor contact information
Instructor history and credentials
Link to instructor information from course or lesson display

Student Functions

CADE Learning Management Web Other

Course Registration

Courses can be open to everyone, restricted, or open with supervisor approval
List courses available to enroll
Display more information on selected courses
Register for a broadcast or web based course
Register for SCORM courses same as all others
Take web based courses
Join course related discussion groups
List courses currently enrolled
Drop selected courses
Automatically send message to instructor on enroll or drop

Take on-line exams

Exams may be taken during on-air broadcasts or on-line via the web
List exams student is eligible to take 
Display exam questions
  • True/False
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Choice
  • Numeric
  • Essay
Immediate display of grades on completion    
Essay questions graded on-line with instructor's comments/red-lines    
Automated explanation of wrong answers    

Maintain Personal Information

Student may choose to maintain information to be shared with others  
Change personal password    
Automatically force password change on 1st logon    
Maintain personal information in database    

Student Portfolio

Student can maintain a portfolio of learning activity and personal achievements  
Review results of tests and exams - Live, web, and SCORM    
Create portfolio of personal information    
Create on-line resume
  • Personal statement
  • Career Goals
  • Military service
  • Education
  • Special interests
  • Job History
  • References
Upload pictures (.gif/.jpg)    

eBroadcast - On Demand

Courses may be archived for review on demand  
View archived broadcast presentations and courses    
View automated PowerPoint presentations    

Site Coordinator Functions

CADE Learning Management Web Other

Course Materials

Selectively download course materials from course displays
Browse directory of course materials

Student Maintenance

List all students enrolled at a specific site
Add new students to the database
Store student information
Name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, etc.
Select existing students from student list
Modify student information in the database
Print "Certificates of Achievement or Attendance"
Print certificates for non-registered attendees
Reset student exam scores

Site Maintenance

Manage site information in CADE database
Maintain site coordinator information
Set site's password
Control internet provider logon and password (dial-up only)
Order new and replacement CADE equipment
List equipment on order
Site coordinator help page
Video help for site coordinator functions

Supervisor Functions

  CADE Learning Management Web Other
Approve course registration Courses coded this way require a supervisor's approval before the student can take the course  
Review "Program of Study" Supervisors can review the progress of a direct report  
Send messages to direct reports Supervisors can send messages to all direct reports or select specific ones  
Assign employees to a supervisor New employees can be assigned to a supervisor  

Administrator Functions

Site Administrator

CADE Learning Management Web Other
Student search by first or last name
Enter and display comments on students
Change assigned site
List discussion groups
Add new discussion group
(see additional Discussion Group details)

Public Course Administration


Public Course Maintenance

List public courses
Add new public course to database
Modify course information
Delete public courses

Course Path Maintenance

List public course paths
Add new public paths to database
Modify course path information
Delete public course path

Student Participation Maintenance

Select students from CADE database by first or last name
List currently tracked students
Resequence list by name or student id
Send message to selected students or all
Display full student information
Enter or review comments
Identify status of credit applications
List courses student is participating in
Record date when student will enroll in a course
Record status on each course
List dates then courses are completed or changed

Learning Management Administrator

Identify and apply privileges to people
Move lessons and questions to other courses
Send broadcast messages
  • Administrators
  • Site Coordinators
  • Instructors
Reset passwords


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