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Instructor/Developer Functions

Develop Courses, Lessons, and Exams

Course developers can create courses, lesson, exams, questions, and possible answers for use in the CADE Learning Management Web.  Once created they become an integral part of the system.

Schedule Courses and Lessons

Once courses and lessons have been created, they can be scheduled with the system.  This schedule is used to control the operation of the system as well as provide useful information to the potential users of the system.

Create Recommended Course Paths

The developer can create a recommended sequence by which they would like a student to follow to achieve a desired result.  They can specify a sequence of courses or lessons they believe should be taken by a student.

Review Questions and Record Answers

An instructor or topic expert can review a list of questions that have been recorded by participants in an interactive course or program.  They can listen to the recorded question with an appropriately equipped browser and record an answer that will be made available the next time the participant logs on to the CADE Learning Management Web.

Grade Essay Questions On-Line

Integrated with the database is the ability to define essay questions as part of an Exam or Quiz.  This facility works for those Exams or Quizzes taken over the web, but can be defined in the system and stored right along with the regular results.

Generate Attendance Lists

The instructor can generate and display a list of students that have enrolled or are taking a specified course or lesson.

Display Student Results

Results from tests or interactive programs can be reviewed by the instructor.  There are a variety of standard reports that provide information by course, by student, or by site.

Send Messages to Enrolled Students

Instructors can create and send messages to all or any subset of students that are enrolled or participating in any program or course the instructor has created.

Access Site/Student Participation Reports

The CADE Learning Management Web provides a number of standard participation and attendance reports that are useful to the course developer or instructor.


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