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Site Coordinators Functions

Access Workbooks, Learning Guides, & Exams

All course materials are stored in the CADE database.  These workbooks, learning guides, and exams are associated with each course or lesson and can be downloaded.

Browse Course Material Directory

In addition to downloading materials associated with a specific course, the site coordinator may also browse a directory of materials and download anything of their choosing.

Maintain Student Information

New students may be entered into the CADE database through the web by the site coordinator.  Their information may be subsequently changed at any point in time by the site coordinator or authorized personnel.

Maintain Site Information

The information specific to a remote site can also be created and maintained on line.  This helps the administrative burden of making sure the remote site contact information is always current.

Display Student Results

The site coordinator can access the results of tests and attendance in interactive programs on all the participants from their site.

Print Certificates of Achievement

The site coordinator can print certificates of achievement or attendance in a course for participants that have reached a predetermined grade or level of performance.

Reset Exam Results

On-line tests and exams can only be taken once.  On occasion it becomes necessary to reset the exam scores so a student can retake a test.

Order New CADE Equipment

The site coordinator can order additional wireless remotes, microphones, or other equipment that support the system's operation.


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