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Student Functions 

Register for, Participate in, or Drop Courses

Students can list and register in courses offered in the CADE Learning Management Web.  Registration is only required for those courses designated as restricted.  Normally, a course is open to everyone and no registration is required.

View Real-Time or Archived Presentations

Interactive programs may be recorded and archived for viewing at a later time.  These programs can be accessed by the students with the functions provided in this section.

Take and Review Exams

Exams can be taken on-line and graded immediately.  The students may review the results of exams they have taken in the past at any time.

Listen to audio answers from Topic Experts

During an interactive broadcast, the program participant may wish to ask a question but doesn't want to ask the instructor during the broadcast or doesn't have time.  They can record a question and send it to the instructor or other topic expert.

When an answer has been given, a message will appear on the Welcome page of the CADE Learning Management Web indicating there is an audio message waiting for them.  They can then listen to their original message and then the topic expert's answer.

Maintain Personal Information in Database

Each participant can maintain some of the information about themselves in the CADE database.

Change Passwords

Each participant's password is initially set to "password".  The first time they log on to the system, the system will required them to change it to something more secure.  At any time, they can elect to change their password to something else.


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