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Through the development of it's Communications And Distance Education (CADE) system and other contract development experience, Velocedge has built an advanced and unique web development capability.  Velocedge specializes in "working sites" where the majority of web pages are highly integrated with database management systems, client and server scripting, ActiveX controls, and IP communication.  The CADE Learning Management Web, for example, is comprised of over 3,600 data integrated web pages, all of which extract information from a SQL Server database and generate a custom result based on the data and parameters of the user and the application.

Velocedge has used it's development knowledge and experience to build advanced web sites and web-based application systems on a contract basis for a variety of companies.

  • Barringer Consultants
  • Bear Paw Lodge - Kodiak Island Alaska
  • Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • KV Quest
  • Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
  • Motorists Assurance Program of Canada
  • National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
  • Phoenix Consulting
  • Red Eagle Airshows
  • The Alaskan Manufacturer's Association
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society
  • The University of California Medical Center
  • V.B.M-Consult
  • Wal-Mart

The types of web sites created for these companies cover a wide range of different applications:

  • Training and education data capture, tracking, and reporting
  • Web based training programs
  • Medical histories, scheduling, patient data collection
  • Hotel contact and reservations
  • Financial planning
  • Language training
  • Equipment ordering and billing
  • Workforce skills assessment and job placement
  • Information and location services
  • Subscription services 
  • Help Desk support with machine translated text chat
  • Electronic Brainstorming

Velocedge utilizes many different technologies in the development of it's web applications, typically based on Microsoft's products: FrontPage, Internet Information Server (IIS), SQL Server, and Windows Media Services.  It is experienced with the following technologies:

Frequently Used Technology

Typical Application or Use

  • Active Server Pages
Identification, information capture, data storage, and generation of web pages based on information contained in a database. 
  • ActiveX controls
Integration web pages with IP applications and servers, audio and video recording from web pages.
  • Audio and video recording and playback
Streaming applications embedded in web pages and audio/video capture.
  • Computer animation
Multimedia tutorials, computer demonstrations, audio/video help
  • File Scripting Objects
Hard drive directory structure and file access and presentation on web pages.
  • Multi-language and translation
Multilingual web pages, machine translation on the fly, text messaging in different languages
  • .Net, Web Services, and SOAP
Database or application access from web pages using .Net web services.
  • Remote scripting
Multiple database queries, selective displays, performed without refreshing a web page.
  • SQL Server, MS Access, ODBC
Support for multiple types of database management systems.
  • Cascading Stylesheets
Change colors, fonts, font sizes, graphics on the fly based on user defined criteria.
  • VBScript, JavaScript, and Visual Basic
Client side data and screen manipulation, integration of ActiveX controls and HTML. 
  • Windows Media Services
Streaming media, audio/video capture and conversion to streaming format.
  • XML/XSL Documents
Standardized data formats, field processing, data transfer, client-side data manipulation.

Velocedge was founded by Stephen Ricketts, click [here] for an overview of his experience and capabilities.


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