resume of
Stephen D. Ricketts

In addition to growing up in the family manufacturing business, Mr. Ricketts has over 30 years experience with the creation and implementation of automated software development environments, advanced manufacturing systems, and innovative communication networks. He managed multi-national development programs with teams from Europe, Asia, United States and participated in the acquisition of companies and rights to many international software products. A strong technical base, international business experience, and entrepreneurial spirit has created a unique combination of talents that has brought success to a wide variety of corporate needs.  Here is an example of some of Mr. Ricketts more interesting achievements:, Inc. 
Roswell, Georgia

Vice President Engineering
July 2008 – Present

Distance Learning, Compliance, & Mobile Technologies
Privately held company founded in 1990 to develop enterprise class training and communications systems for large companies.

Reported to the President and COO, responsible for the Design, development, and sales support of CADE products and services as well as's legacy systems

Managed software teams in Michigan and Georgia
Created unique, automated process for "generating" audio and video from dispirit sources for mobile consumption (patent pending)

Developed CADE Mobile apps for on and off-line training, marketed in iTunes and Google Play
Opened financial, healthcare, and collections markets with Eterna, a competency based, compliance management system with adaptive intelligence (patent pending)
Repackaged eTutor to support internet based classroom environment with wireless response devices

Implemented battery-powered, wireless response devices with digital audio in Walmart and other companies

Savant Technology Group, Inc. 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

July 2003 - Acquired July 2008

Distance Learning Technologies
Privately held corporation founded in 1986.  Provides consulting and markets the Communication And Distance Education (CADE) software system for interactive audio/video delivery via satellite and the Internet.
Responsible for the design, development, and technical sales support of the CADE portfolio of software products.
Managed software development teams based in Michigan and California
Developed the interactive distance learning market's most advanced web-based audio and video delivery system, eTutor.
Enhanced the CADE portfolio of interactive satellite delivery systems to include:
  • Live & recorded interactive programs
  • Live & recorded web delivery system
  • Web based learning management system
  • Wireless microphones & response devices
Developed partnerships with Broadcast International, Codecys, Diversified Media, Dish Network, Echostar, GloWireless microphones & response devices
Developed partnerships with Broadcast International, Codecys, Diversified Media, Dish Network, Echostar, Globecast, Helius.
Acquired customers that include: Wal-Mart, UCSF Medical Centers, and others.

Velocedge, Inc. 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

January 1998 – Present

Distance Learning Technologies
1998 Start-up to provide software, design, and operational support services of computer and satellite networks for Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) systems.
Founder and principal consultant responsible for business and technology development.
Developed Communication And Distance Education (CADE) software for video broadcasting and interactivity via the Internet.
Developed software for remote management and control of networks of stand-alone PCs.
Partner with several companies to form virtual corporation for software development and support remote management of networked computers.
Developed suite of interactive distance learning software and wireless hardware products.
  • Studio Control System
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Web Applications
  • Wireless Response Controls
Implemented computer network, designed broadcast studio, selected studio and downlink equipment, satellite and audio/data response system, trained clients in IDL instructional design and delivery, and developed web based applications. 
Developed Weighted Ranking and Hypothesis Testing Apps for critical problem solving.
Provided Help Desk and network management for 240 and 400 site networks in U.S. and Canada.
CADE assets acquired by Savant in 2003
Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Internet venture to store game tapes in streaming media which can then be categorized, annotated, analyzed, marked up, audio and commentary added. 
Relevant clips may be sent to specific athletes, player categories, an entire team, or even family members.   It provides on-line video storage so coaches and recruiters can view games or prospect videos while out of the office.  Recruits can be categorized, ranked, and tracked in the system. 
January 2008 – Present
Developed proof of concept with University of Michigan Hockey
Married video management system with eTutor for international communication among teams
Started pilots with Deutscher Fußball-Bund in Germany, Schweizerischer Fussballverband in Switzerland
European partner closed business due to severe health problems

The Interactive Distance Learning Group, Inc. 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

December 1996 – January 1998

Advanced Manufacturing Research 


Distance Learning Technologies and Service
$1m training cooperative founded in 1996 to reduce training cost, improve quality, and increase availability of interactive training programs for its Directing Partner manufacturing companies
Responsible for business development, marketing, new technology, network development, and broadcasting.
Funded and supported by Directing Partners: Allied-Signal, Ford, General Motors, Goodyear, Hughes, Texas Instruments, Raytheon, and National Center for Manufacturing Sciences with participation of others.
Subject Matter Expert for Advanced Manufacturing Research consulting
Founded profitable distance learning company utilizing integrated Internet, multi-media, satellite broadcast network
Created weekly broadcast, satellite network based on needs assessment of major manufacturing companies
Implemented radically new revenue-share business model for course development within the training suppler industry
Developed partnerships with National Technical University, Westcott Communication, Workplace Training Network
Founded web-based international electronic trade business with U.S. and Japanese partners
Designed/taught course internationally on Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management for IBM

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, Inc. 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Vice President Technology
July 1991 – November 1996

International Center for Manufacturing Sciences

Vice President - Research

Collaborative Research Project Management
$100m not-for-profit R&D consortium with 100 employees and 220 members formed in 1986 to improve competitiveness of US manufacturing industry
Reported to the President, managed 25 employees and hundreds of member company experts.
Responsible for strategic planning, technology agenda, international partnerships, and collaborative projects in systems architectures, communications, networks, training & education, supply chain management, management practices, technology transfer
Founded international R&D consortium (NCMS subsidiary)
Founded for-profit interactive distance learning company utilizing integrated Satellite, Internet, multi-media broadcast
Created electronic network of 25 state-of-the-art teaching factories and shared-use facilities
Developed Internet/Web based information services business
Managed over 50 collaborative research projects
Gave over 200 presentations on technology, collaboration, deployment, intellectual property in US, Europe, and Japan

Austin, Texas 

Technology Fellow
November 1989 - July 1991

Collaborative Research Project Management
$200m consortium of U.S. Semiconductor manufacturers with over 700 employees, formed in 1988 to develop advanced manufacturing processes, materials, equipment and systems.
Reported to senior staff, managed over 100 professional engineers and member assignees.
Responsible for development of an advanced architecture for Computer Integrated Manufacturing.
Defined semiconductor manufacturing reference architecture
Acquired model based manufacturing execution system
Published strategic technology concepts and implementation guides for semiconductor industry
Developed and deployed CASE Tools and implemented formal Object Oriented methodologies to member companies
Developed standard requirements specifications and models
Established six, 250+ member domain working groups

Transform Logic Corporation 
Scottsdale, Arizona 

Vice President - Product Development
August 1987 - November 1989

Advanced Software Development
8 year old CASE products and consulting services focused on the improvement of productivity in software development. $12 million, 120 employees.
Reported to the President, managed 50 employees.
Responsible for strategic product planning, software product development, system architecture's, new technology, quality assurance, production control.
Planned and managed largest release in company history
Tripled market size
Developed Artificial Intelligence based reverse engineering system to analyze and interpret software source code
Acquired IBM as joint development and distribution partner
Developed object oriented software PC development system
Established partners in Italy, Germany, China, and Japan.

Scicon International 
London, England 

Vice President Manufacturing Systems
March 1982 - May 1987

Systems Control (Scicon Subsidiary)
Palo Alto, California 

Director of Engineering

PS Systemtechnik,GmbH 
Essen, West Germany 

Technical Advisor, Board Member

International Manufacturing System Development
15 year old systems integration company providing development, consultancy and system products in manufacturing. $350 million revenue 4,500 people.
Scicon parent of English, French, German, and U.S. operating companies.
Reported to the CEO, managed 50 employees.
Responsible for international marketing strategy and the development of an integrated portfolio of manufacturing system products
Created international marketing strategy for manufacturing system product development
Developed integrated portfolio of advanced manufacturing system products with annual budget of £14 million
Managed $500k to $20m multi-national development projects
Acquired two companies, rights to three software products
Developed business plan and requirements for an integrated enterprise resource planning and shop floor system
Managed fixed price software development projects

Senior management experience with financial and manufacturing applications. Systems design, development, and implementation utilizing multiple hardware platforms, operating systems and programming languages.  Development of one of the industry's first Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) systems to generate software applications.

Attended Wichita State University on a track scholarship, received B.S. degrees in Economics and Business Administration.