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Live Interactive Video Broadcast vs.
Web-Based Training

There is no single solution to today’s training and corporate communication problem.  It requires a combination of different approaches: web, classroom, CBT, and live business video.  While on the surface web based training is very attractive, it is limited for a number of reasons: 

  • Lack of the target audience’s knowledge of computers and technology
  • Inadequate access to computers for all employees
  • Negative impact on bandwidth for other business applications
  • High cost of course development
  • Long time it takes to develop and deploy an interesting course or program
  • Inability to hold the interest of the learner for any significant amount of time
  • Inappropriateness of the desk as a good training environment

Interactive video delivery overcomes these limitations

  • Eliminate requirement for special knowledge or computer skill
  • Utilize an infinitesimal fraction corporate bandwidth 
  • Lower the cost of course or program production
  • Rapidly move from concept to delivery
  • Minimize production costs
  • Peak audience’s interest with personal interaction and variety of media
  • Deliver programs in an environment that encourages learning

In addition, Interactive Video provides many other benefits!

Interactive Video isn't just a better way to train... its a better way to communicate and better utilize the resources in your company.

  • Reach ALL your workforce, not a fraction of it
  • Access unreached knowledge assets within your workforce
  • Improve effectiveness of training, 25% more than classroom
  • Reach large numbers of people simultaneously
  • Deliver a consistent message
  • Gather critical feedback immediately
  • Compress time it takes to deliver content

Web Based Training Can't Extract Hidden Corporate Assets!

Web based training is only capable of providing the knowledge of the course developer.  Interactive Video is able to additionally pull knowledge from its audience, heretofore untapped knowledge, that can be shared with everyone in a broadcast!  

Corporations don't teach Elementary School children.  There is a huge reservoir of knowledge resources within your own workforce.  Interactive Video allows the presenter to pass control of the program to their remote audience and allow them to share their valuable knowledge and experience with everyone listening... something you can't design into a web based program!

Not for Just Training Anymore!

Interactive video can be used for a wide variety of non-training applications too.  Some of these may include:

  • Corporate communication where feedback is desirable
  • New product/process introduction
  • Meetings that don’t require expensive and time-consuming travel
  • Internal marketing surveys with immediate results
  • Improving the “touch” with remote locations
  • Vendor sponsored presentations
  • Inviting customers to local sites for special presentations
  • Provide a forum for your hidden "knowledge assets" to share their knowledge

Interactive Video vs. Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing is designed to handle a limited number of participants and much better suited to small, informal meetings rather than any kind of structured training or communication.   Any group beyond 10 participants gets to be very difficult to manage.  The Presenter has no control over the interactive communications and is unable to manage the Presentation effectively. 

CADE can be incorporated into a teleconferencing system to provide some degree of control and works well with small groups.  However, since the nature of teleconferencing requires each participant to make a long distance call to connect to the broadcast, it becomes very expensive for large numbers of participants.

CADE Features

Virtual Classroom Features

  • Live voice over the Internet
  • Record audio questions and listen to responses from experts
  • State of the Art Functionality
  • Live & Stored Audio over the Internet
  • Real-time chat, text-to-speech support
  • Optional Wireless Controls for student response
    (essentially a TV remote control for the computer)

Studio Control Features

  • Presentations originated from any location

  • Issue questions, call on participants, review results, answer requests

  • Scalable architecture supports extremely large audiences

Web Access Features

  • Personalized participant pages with customized functions
  • Messaging system for everyone, even those without e-mail
  • Recommended paths, chat, discussion groups,

Support Features

  • Transparent version control and automatic updates
  • Remote control and training
  • Constant monitoring and control of all remote systems
  • Remote training and support


  • Inexpensive, $350 or less

  • PC skills not required to participate in an interactive session

  • Easy to implement on existing PCs Software Only, no special hardware required 

  • Runs on any Windows PC Works with Dial-up, DSL, Cable, or LAN connections to the Internet 

  • Control interactive sessions from any location 

  • Develop Presentations, Courses, Lessons from the Web 

  • Access participant information from a browser 

  • Maintain information on instructors, students, sites remotely 

  • Access all information from the Web 

  • No voice telephone line required 



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