About Velocedge

The core of Velocedge came into existence in 1994 with a collaborative project in interactive satellite based training between the Department of Commerce, EDS, Ford, General Motors, Hughes, Kodak, NIST, Texas Instruments, U.S. Air Force, and a few others under the auspice of the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).  Based on the results of this Interactive Distance Learning project, several companies decided to pool their training and education courses and develop a shared portfolio of interactive programs to be broadcast by satellite to their employees.   The IDL Group, Inc. was incorporated as a training cooperative to manage this initiative.  Subsequently its President, Stephen Ricketts, formed Velocedge, Inc. to expand the knowledge and experience gained from the IDL Group.  

As Vice President of Technology for NCMS Mr. Ricketts, President and Founder of Velocedge, was integral to many leading edge collaborative projects which, among many other technological areas, pioneered radically new concepts in business. One such concept was the Agile Enterprise or Virtual Company... acquiring state-of-the-art capabilities as market demands or technical needs dictate.  Velocedge was created with those concepts in mind.  Mr. Ricketts used his experience, combined with his background in automated software development, to build the best interactive satellite based training and communication system available today.

No Army of Programmers

Unlike companies developing software with huge programming resources or expensive programming overhead, Velocedge has developed its products consistent with the new age of software development, Internet technologies, and software generation.  Its founder has been involved in automated software generation systems since the early 70's.  Using conventional approaches like those taken by its competitors, it would have taken Velocedge 10, 15, or more years to develop software that combines such radically diverse technologies as:

However, by using the concepts of an Agile Enterprise it has developed the Computer Assisted Software Engineering (CADE) system in an incredibly short time. We utilized only the most knowledgeable companies in the industry in each their respective fields of expertise. Velocedge tapped into an international collection of software experts with companies from California, Canada, Chicago, China, Detroit, England, Germany, Japan, Kansas City, Russia, Seattle, and elsewhere to build its products.  

The result?  

One of the most functional and least expensive interactive distance learning and communication systems available today!  A system that runs on any multi-media PC without requiring special hardware.  A system that has as much or more functionality than any system in the market today.  A system that costs a tenth of what its competition charges.

Interested?  Give us a call today and let us tell you how we can help you.

Steve Ricketts